• Tiny Pink Cupcake ATM is Brilliant Lateral Thinking

    This little pink ATM located on Lexington Ave. between the original Sprinkles bakery and its offshoot ice cream parlor is restocked with yummy cupcakes every night. Even if the decadent goods aren’t your snack of choice, there’s something about seeing a pastel-painted ATM in the midst of city buildings that can really brighten your day (or night…it’s operational 24/7!). But what we love MOST about it is the application of the essential idea of an ATM to something completely unexpected: cupcakes instead of cash. Why not? It’s a fine example of what Edward de Bono called  Lateral Thinking .  

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Marella Consolini

Huge Linen Shirt Becomes a TeaTowel

Marella Consolini sent us her inspired transformation of a gorgeous linen shirt bought on eBay for pennies, that turned out to be SO big, it languished in a drawer, waiting for something to be done with it. “Finally it dawned on me: the back was big enough to turn into an oversized linen tea towel". Here’s how she did it.

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Re-entry…What We Learned On Our Summer Stay-cation

Monday evening of Labor Day, we could positively FEEL the shift of air and energy as the entire country grabbed every last BIT before the official end of summer. We spent the day hanging on the terrace reflecting on our three-week stay-cation that turned out way different than we had imagined, and would yield an essential lesson.

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Sally Schneider

Street Entrepeneur Crab Man Mike + Our Faux Aioli Recipe

While on our NYC stay cation, we'll get a hit of the Maryland shore by stopping by legendary Crab Man Mike's stand in Harlem, where he cooks up batches of crabs, shrimp and lobsters on his rigged propane cooker. We love Mike’s seafood room temperature, dunked in our Faux Aioli (garlic mayonnaise), for an American South/French fusion. Here’s more about the amazing Mike and our recipe.

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Susan Dworski

Life Lesson from a Simple Kid’s Lanyard

Recently, I discovered a forgotten neon pink plastic lanyard at the bottom of a basket of cat toys. Made at summer camp two years ago, it was a gift from a small person, presented with a shy smile "I made it, just for you." When I read this poem by poet Billy Collins, I suddenly felt saddened that I had been so cavalier in discounting its importance. Finding it again felt huge––like a redemption.

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Sally Schneider

Cedar Planked Salmon for the Grill

Our friend Holton Rower has been learning about cooking salmon on a cedar plank on his Weber grill through trial-and-error, a method we totally endorse.  His first go wasn’t completely successful but it was clear that the ...

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Why Not Sleep on the Roof in a…Sky Parlour?

We recently read that President Taft had a sleeping porch built (below) on the roof of the White House in the 20's. On hot summer nights, the first family could sleep up there to cool off. It allowed the President retreat up there to chill and look out over Washington. We love sleeping outdoors too. We're always on the lookout for cool impermanent shacks— "sky parlors" — that can be erected on a roof, a yard, even indoors as a rustic office or private space.

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