Maurizio Cattelan

Pause Button DIY (Maurizio Cattelan)

In a recent Illustrated Interview, the New York Times asked artist Maurizio Cattelan What would you invent to make life easier? His answer: A pause button. YES! We all desperately need the ability to pause. But until an instant pause button is invented, here are some we thought of...

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Garnet Hill Supima bedding 2

Tried-and-True: Cool, Crisp Percale Sheets

Some time ago, we went on a hunt for great sheets. The sheets we love feel cool and crisp when you climb into bed. Combed or jacquard cotton won't do it, neither does linen nor most of the million thread-count sheets we've tried. The only way we've found to guarantee 'cool and crisp' is with Supina cotton percale bedding from Garnet Hill. We wait for their 25% off sale, which is NOW...

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Marco Raaphorst

Eco on Why We Make Lists + Some Favorites

Our friend Tim Slavin, of Kids, Code and Computer Science sent us this image, knowing that we write often about lists, a critical tool in managing a creative life. We discovered it was from a 2009 interview with Umberto Eco in Der Spiegel  about his exibition at the ...

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Donald Trump hair golden mean*

The Art of the Hair: Creativity in Trump’s ‘Most Fantastic Feature’

In a New Yorker recently we found  a short piece about Keith Allen Johnson , a sculptor from Flowery Branch, Georgia who created a bust of Donald Trump that he planned to present to Trump’s Georgia campaign office. Most notable was the artist’s acute description ...

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Sally Schneider

Super-Quick Sweet or Savory Citrus Jams (After Mario Batali)

At Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo, I had a simple, astonishing dish: a whole roasted fish served with Lemon Oregano Jam. The jam was a marvel, at once sweet, bitter and herbal in perfect balance, an inspired match for the fish. I decoded Mario's brilliant recipe, extracting an essential formula into which I plugged different citrus fruit and flavorings, to take it from savory to dazzling sweet and back.

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Sally Schneider

Practice Losing Farther, Faster (Elizabeth Bishop)

The other day we came across the shorn trunk of huge tree that had been taken down by the Parks Department. We looked close and tried to count the rings but got lost in the swirls and changes in its three-foot span. It is one of those everyday losses that reminded us of others, and of the Elizabeth Bishop poem "One Art"*, in which the antidote to loss lies hidden.

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roy staab outdoors storm king studio**

What is YOUR Artist’s Studio?

A couple of weeks ago while we were compiling   Artist’s Studios with Sofas + Rest Spaces , we stumbled on picture of earth artist Roy Staab ‘s that had the notation:  The Site Is My Studio. There was Staab creating in the Hudson River in 1989. IN ...

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Compassionate Self-Criticism, in the Third Person

When performance coach Kate Conklin was teaching me Alexander Technique via Skype a couple of weeks ago, she mentioned that she often critiqued herself in the third person when she was assessing her own actions or work. She said ...

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Beth Moon

Ancient Trees: Portraits in Time, Change, Survival

"Ancient Trees: Portraits in Time" is one of the most beautiful and instantly transformative books we've seen in a long time. Photographer Beth Moon spent fourteen years traveling the world photographing ancient trees She describes her images as "Portraits of Change. Portraits of Survival. Portraits of Time" and interleaves them with the occasional perfect poem. It is a book we will leave open, to keep in our field of vision as we go about our day. 

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