• Morning Wakeup: Water Drumming Song

    Morning Wakeup: Water Drumming Song

    ( Video link HERE. ) It’s the day before Thanksgiving and there’s an awful lot to do. We thought this wondrous water drumming song would be a perfect bit of fuel; it’s from the Banks Islands, part of the northern Vanuatu in the Indian Ocean.  Thirty-five seconds in and you will leap for joy. Of course we love that these women are hanging out together hip-deep in water, using IT as their instrument. And dig those beautiful head-dresses.   May this carry you through your busy day.  

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Sally Schneider

Essential Lessons about White Painted Floors

Recently, a reader wrote us about our white painted floors: Your white floors look amazing. How are they holding up over time? I’m interested in doing the same in my house but there are lots ...

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Going AWOL

Going AWOL

( Video link HERE. ) It has been a TIME the past five months, with serious life events that have continued since June. Just as we’ve gotten our balance, another big wave hits. They say that big things ...

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Lounge Chair Fort

A Metal Frame Lounge Chair-Fort

The forts and bunkers of his childhood inspired Czech designer Michael Tomalik  to design a wire frame chair that is “a place of convenience, comfort and personal repose“. His monkey-bar-ish construction is a kind of grownup fort, made ...

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