Sally Schneider

The Fabulous Revenge of Analog

According to David Sax author of the Revenge of the Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, analog, that is, the very tactile world of things outside the computer, is experiencing a bracing revival. Here’s how analog sparks joy and balances digital life.

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Sandra Davidson

Saul Steinberg: How to Find Something New

We've found A LOT of great stuff in Sandra Davidson's book The Calder Family and Other Critters, Portraits and Reflections, about the many interesting people who surrounded her famous father Alexander Calder and the family. This lesson she learned from the great Saul Steinberg is WAY more than about making a portrait.

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Maria Robledo

Tasting Spoons: Essential Kitchen Tool and Welcome Gift

A tasting spoon is an essential kitchen tool, allowing you to add flavor experiments directly to the “taste” to see if you like them. Over the years I've collected —and given — quite a few tasting spoons. They make great, unexpected gifts. Here's a roundup:

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Sally Schneider

Wabi-Sabi Lesson: Broken Blossom with Rubber Bands (+ haiku)

At dinner at photographer Ellen Silverman's house, I noticed a beautiful on-the-verge-of-flowering Amaryllis plant on her kitchen island...and next to it her clever, fast save of a cluster of buds that had broken off. It was as beautiful as the plant itself and embodied the elusive quality of wabi-sabi.

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Musta Ovi via

Ikea’s Stylish Frosta Stool is BACK to Hack and Embellish

I have had a set of four Ikea stacking stools for years. The $14 version of the iconic $500 vintage Alvar Aalto stool has done stylish double-duty as extra seating, side table, surface for projects… in a number of ...

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Sally Schneider

Gifts for Eaters and Cooks via Sally and The Splendid Table

Wondering what to give cooks and eaters on your list over the holidays? Check out my interview with Melissa Clark on the great Splendid Table, airing around the country this week. To read more about the swell time-tested finds — both bought and made yourself —, follow these links.

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Thanksgiving Special: The Alien Comic Counts Blessings

What should we be thankful for this Thanksgiving season? The Alien Comic, one of the most original, whole-hearted and daring people I have ever met, gives us a full run down, bringing new appreciation to things we almost certainly take for granted.

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