• Going AWOL

    Going AWOL

    (Video link HERE.) It has been a TIME the past five months, with serious life events that have continued since June. Just as we've gotten our balance, another big wave hits. They say that big things happen in clusters and they have for us; we've been improvising like crazy, finding many unexpected answers as we go. [...]

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Lounge Chair Fort

A Metal Frame Lounge Chair-Fort

The forts and bunkers of his childhood inspired Czech designer Michael Tomalik  to design a wire frame chair that is “a place of convenience, comfort and personal repose“. His monkey-bar-ish construction is a kind of grownup fort, made ...

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Waterfall Swing

Waterfall Swing

( Video link HERE. ) It’s about time someone devised  Waterfall Swing . Perfect for warm weather refreshment. We thought. When we read the fine print we discovered that this whole rig of water jets is computerized to predict the ...

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Type Manufactur

Travel the Planet, for a Bigger View

A new favorite way to start or end the day is a visit to Planet , As you scroll down, you see astonishing, full screen vistas taken taken from the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth ...

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