chocolate planets cookie

Anti-Anxiety Cookies: Chocolate Planets + Wonders

For the many people I know who feel that they are living in a sea of relentless anxiety, I offer two of my best chocolate cookie recipes: thin, chewy disks of intense chocolate AND fist-size hunks of chewy/moist chocolate cake loaded with chocolate chips, nuts and whatever else you can think of.

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Martin Gamper

Martino Gamper’s Chairs are in Our Head

When we stopped to ponder the legless back and seat of a ubiquitous faux Eames polycarbomate chair we found on the street, we suddenly realized the influence designer Martino Gamper had on our thinking, whose clever 100 Chairs in 100 Days inspire completely novel iterations.

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V&A Images

Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies via David Bowie

Judging from his worn and taped together set of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, David Bowie really made use of the cards designed to SHIFT your head when you've hit a creative block or impasse. Now long out of print, we found a digital version...

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Alexis Arnold

Gifts from Opening Books at Random: Bibliosophia? Bibliotherapy? Bibliomancy?

Daily we find ourselves opening a random book to find a kernel of something just right: an image, a bit of writing, a poem, an unexpected gift that resonates with the moment. We wondered what to call this mysterious occurance.

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Divine Roasted Sesame Oil + Down n Dirty Ginger Scallion Sauce

I'd been disillusioned by sesame oils for some time, finding most that I tried with a harsh, over-toasted flavor. La Tourganelle’s delicious Roasted Sesame Oil was a joy to discover, and has inspired all sorts of culinary improvisations.

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Warhol Camouflage Detail via Sally Schneider in the Pittsburgh Airport

Instant Diary for Capturing Essential Memories

On the last night of 2016, we found this list on Kottke, a blog we've loved for years. It is just notations, really, almost stream of consciousness, of public and private experiences that powerfully sum up the year. It gave us an idea for simple way of keeping a diary, which we, like so many people we know, are too busy to do. We're going to try it while the year is young.

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