What Does Self Care Look Like To You? (Solange)

Solange's extrordinary album, A Seat at the Table, has been described as an expression of the right to feel it all...Her song Borderline (Ode to Self Care) begs the complex question: What does self care look like to you? Here's her answer, and ours.

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Alison Harris’ Skyscapes: “Being Attentive to What is At Hand”

Photographer Alison Harris spent six years photographing the sky from her window in Italy. The result is a series of photographs that gradually evolved into an exhibition in Milan. It also became a simple, contemplative practice that we can all easily do...

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Surprise, Astonishment, Wonder: The Intimate Oliver Sacks via Insomniac City

Insights into the very original Sacks, or perhaps we should say Sacks' very original insights and thinking, culled from Bill Hayes' perfect memoir Insomniav City, make delightful weekend reading. Here's a sampling...

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Personal Kanban to Focus Your Unruly Creative Brain

Personal Kanban, is a tool to visualize, organize and complete work in a way that maximizes, rather than depletes, energy and focus. It is simple and incredibly effective; its core principles address just how my unruly monkey brain functions.

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A Quick Metaphysical Inventory When Lost (Insomniac City)

We are halfway through Insomniac City, Bill Hayes revelatory memoir of his love affairs with the late, astonishing Oliver Sacks AND New York City, which comes across as a deeply complex and generous being. We are struck by Hayes' lovely practice for when he needs to take stock and center himself.

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Let Miss Eaves, Walt Whitman and the Venus of Willendorf Help Liberate Your Summer Bod

Who doesn't find a part of their self-image or their mindset locked in a prison of some sort? Let Brooklyn Rapper Miss Eaves, Walt Whitman and the Venus of Willendorf break you out in time for summer.

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A Cheap Chic Black Bag to Rival Ikea’s and Balenciaga’s Tote

After the designers at fashion house Balanciaga knocked off Ikea's iconic big blue 99-cent tote (in leather for $2,145), frequent contributor Susan Dworski jumped into the fray with a chic, cheap black bag that we hacked to perfection.

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Finding Your Fuel

Having just turned a BIG birthday, I've been thinking hard about what fuels me, and what I pursue that is not powered by good strong fuel. Fuel to me equals meaning, as well as pleasure. Taking stock is useful; it's simple process, really, that you can do throughout your day.

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