• Desmond Tutu on “Random Kindness” and Becoming “Life Artists”

    Desmond Tutu on “Random Kindness” and Becoming “Life Artists”

    Over the years, we've written often about the great Anne Herbert, the extraordinary writer that long-ago coined the phrase "Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty", and the curious little book of that name that was published in the '90's. Long out-of-print, its charm and power continued to resonate, inspiring an updated edition, now with full-color drawings by its original illustrator, Mayumi Oda, and a moving Forward by Desmond Tutu that is, in itself, rich with wisdom. He writes: [...]

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100 Layer Cake-let

Use Heavy Italian Crepe Paper Like Fabric

When we saw these curiously chic oversized streamers, we thought: what a lovely design element, not realizing they were party decorations. They are so UNLIKE any crepe paper we’ve seen before. The secret is extra wide ...

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Yasuko Furukawa

Lamp Shade from Single Sheet of Paper

Japanese design studio YOY's beautifully minimal lamp shade made out of a single sheet of paper made us realize that we could make it or other PAPER shade iterations now that we we've found a bright, pleasing bright LED bulb. Since LEDs don't get hot like incandescent bulbs, we can fashion shades out of paper without danger of fire.

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Sally Schneider

I-Beam Shelving and Side Tables

When a friend once suggested we use 12-inch lengths of industrial steel I-beams as “brackets” to hold shelves, we couldn’t quite imagine what he was thinking. UNTIL we spotted the fabulously rusted I-beam shelving at ...

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