The Value of Objects I Can’t Afford

One of the most curious, charming and compelling blogs I've come across lately is Objects I Can't Afford. The title page says "Welcome to my on-going wish list of things that are juuust out of my budget"...It's an amazingly clarifying head trip.

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Solar Eclipse: How to Experience the Awesomeness + Free Safety Glasses

What's all the hubbub about next Monday's solar eclipse about? We've put together a succinct guide, from where and how to view it wherever you are, to readings from art, philosophy, poetry, to where to find free eclipse glasses.

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Essence of Summer Tomato Candy

When we have a surplus of smallish tomatoes like plum or cherry, we often make them into addictive "tomato candy" — a chewy, intensely tomato dried fruit —by drying them the same way we dry herbs for tea or kale chips: drying them on racks in the heat of our pilot lit oven...

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E. Jean on Life, Decor, and The Best Piece of Advice She’s Ever Given

E. Jean Carroll, the longest running advice columnist in history, lives alone on a small island in the woods of upstate New York.This short video profile gives us a glimpse of a pure original whose carved out a completely original life, in the mainstream, yet completely OUT.

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Unleash Your Inner Beast (Theo Jansen, Ted Hughes, Luo Zhihai)

For almost thirty years, Theo Jansen has been nurturing the evolution of Strandbeests, kinetic “beasts” that walk majestically on their own. Poet Ted Hughes put his finger on what it is we are doing when we, like Jansen, put new “forms of life” into the world.

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Summer in a Jar: Flower and Herb Teas and Seasonings

There are some kitchen processes I do so automatically that I hardly think about them, until I become suddenly conscious that it is a principle I am using, and not a recipe. For years I've used a simple method to transform summer herbs and flowers into teas and seasonings for use all year round.

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