Sybille Palmer

1 Minute Antidote to the Holiday Rush

Longtime reader and friend Sybille Palmer sent us this poem found in Writer’s Almanac, along with a photo of the newly fallen snow in Taos, New Mexico where she lives. It’s a fine example of ...

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Sally Schneider

Holiday Wrapping Paper: Found, Made, Bought

One of our favorite times in the holidays is wrapping gifts, usually done last-minute before flying out to a party, with whatever is on hand. We have some closet space dedicated to found papers, ribbons, fat ...

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Siglio Press

Holiday Strategy?: Abundance Without Attachment

For those wondering how to navigate the lavishness and commercialization of Christmas, we recommend "Abundance without Attachment", Arthur C. Brooks' New York Times' op-ed in which he tells of the three principles he's learned for handling the painful contradictions of the season and of our aspirational era.

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Holiday Hair Do’s

Human invention and creativity applied to holiday hair-do’s. Pure wonder! via Chris Eldredge

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