How to Experience the Eclipse By Doing Practically Nothing

We haven't gotten it together to get truly-safe-for-your-eyes eclipse viewing glasses ourselves. So we've figured out lazy-dog, last minute strategies for experiencing this once-in-a-blue-moon cosmic doing practically nothing.

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The Value of Objects I Can’t Afford

One of the most curious, charming and compelling blogs I've come across lately is Objects I Can't Afford. The title page says "Welcome to my on-going wish list of things that are juuust out of my budget"...It's an amazingly clarifying head trip.

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Solar Eclipse: How to Experience the Awesomeness + Free Safety Glasses

What's all the hubbub about next Monday's solar eclipse about? We've put together a succinct guide, from where and how to view it wherever you are, to readings from art, philosophy, poetry, to where to find free eclipse glasses.

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Essence of Summer Tomato Candy

When we have a surplus of smallish tomatoes like plum or cherry, we often make them into addictive "tomato candy" — a chewy, intensely tomato dried fruit —by drying them the same way we dry herbs for tea or kale chips: drying them on racks in the heat of our pilot lit oven...

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E. Jean on Life, Decor, and The Best Piece of Advice She’s Ever Given

E. Jean Carroll, the longest running advice columnist in history, lives alone on a small island in the woods of upstate New York.This short video profile gives us a glimpse of a pure original whose carved out a completely original life, in the mainstream, yet completely OUT.

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