Sally Schneider

Salt-Roasted New Potatoes (+ Other Vegetables) with Crème Fraïche and Cracked Coriander

Kosher salt is one of my favorite mediums for cooking small, whole vegetables under-2-inches-in-diameter such as Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes); shallots; turnips; baby carrots; large, whole garlic cloves and ESPECIALLY potatoes. Roasting them buried in salt transforms them, yielding an extraordinarily ...

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Why You Should Do Whatever You Want to Your Hair (Mira Keras + Solonge)

Hair has been both a prison and a means to empowerment for women since the beginning of time. Empowerment is at the fore —going blue proved a deeply expressive statement for me—and Solange’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ nails it.

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Clever Textile Ideas to DIY from a Restored Tuscan Convent

We found a number of simple ideas for textiles in photos of a former Tuscan convent restored by designer Holly Lueders and her daughter. Our favorites are this very do-able paneled bedskirt and a pillow cover fashioned like a gift.

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Meditation 101: Failure is Actually Success

Meditation 101: Failure is Actually Success

This 2-minute video is the perfect guide to meditation for beginners and the meditation-averse. It gives a simple method and the science of why meditating for five minutes daily will change your life. And unlike anything else in your life, in meditation, 'failure' is actually success.

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Maria Robledo, from the Schneider Collection

Leaping in Poetry, Art and Life (Robert Bly + Maria Robledo)

Leaping In Poetry, Art And Life (Robert Bly + Maria Robledo) 10.17.16 | 2:38am Maria Robledo, from the Schneider Collection Maria Robledo, from the Schneider Collection While we were researching how we often don’t know just how big the leaps we take are, we came across poet Robert Bly’s theory of leaping poetry. He says that leaps are inherent in many works of art

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Never-Fail Roasted Fish + Five Quick Sauces

When jittery cooks confess their fear of cooking fish, I recommend a foolproof, tried-and-true method I perfected decades ago. It renders fish tender, succulent and evenly cooked. It works fine for a variety of fish, and is perfect paired with of these five favorite simple sauces.

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Georgia O'Keefe

Annals of Healing: 30 Ways NOT to Say ‘Pussy’ + Tweeting REAL

Among the best responses to Donald Trump’s now infamous “Grab them by the pussy” are Samantha Bee’s brilliant riff on improvisional pussy slang and Kelly Oxford’s powerful twitter question. Both antidote shame.

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Sally Schneider

DIY or Buy: Kitchen Knife Holder

We saw this knife holder in a friend's kitchen and thought: seriously clever. It's simply a tall, narrow box filled with vertically-standing wooden skewers. The skewers hold the knives in place without dulling the blade. Although we tracked down where you can buy one, the formula for making it yourself is simple...

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Haider Ackermann via

Repair Strategy: Fierce Intention

After I did a sloppy job trying to disguise a torn seam in a prized sweater, I realized that seriously bold stitching would be a better solution. Turning a repair into a fierce intention works on all sorts of flawed and broken things…and people.

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Maria Robledo

Kitchen Gold: Red Wine Essence

One of the most extraordinarily extravagant and extraordinarily delicious sauces in my repertoire is Red Wine Essence. Because it will keep for months in the fridge, the powerful sauce is my secret weapon to call upon at any time I want to transform simple foods into complex dishes.

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A Few Tools for Getting Unstuck + Amy Friend

Getting STUCK, whether in a relationship, decision-making process, or career path, is very much part of being human. In our productivity-obsessed society, it is an especially big concern. Here are some approaches we’ve found that work.

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Useful Analog Method for Visualizing Designs + Patterns

We've long been enamored of quilter Denise Schmidt. Her minimalist work is rich with color, geometry, presence, and tends to be hung on wall as art works rather than put on beds. In her workshops, she teaches an analog method for laying out pattern that can be applied to home design as well.

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