Advice for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life

Like most people, we often feel like we are juggling way too many things in our life. Although we try to simplify, make choices, edit out the unnecessary, we have not yet mastered the equilibrium of just enough. How startling then to find A Poem for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life and its affirmation of a very counter-intuitive option...

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Here’s Your Joy Permit!

As we passed a Police/Fire Emergency alarm on 123rd Street, we noticed an official looking bright yellow form taped to it. We walked by then turned back to read it; something didn't look quite right. We discovered that it was a sort of makeshift dispenser of...JOY Permits,

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Spring Breakfast: A Perfect Boiled Egg with Toast Soldiers

This Sunday, we'll celebrate Spring and Easter with a simple, of-the-season breakfast: soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers, and good coffee, inspired by Ellen Silverman's Girl with Egg. Here's how to make perfection out of something so simple.

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Sit for a Moment in Pierre Chareau’s Garden in Paris

Last night, we found ourselves sitting in early 20th century French architect and designer Pierre Chareau's garden in Paris, looking at a leafy wall, and at the lovely pattern of flag stones, after we'd wandered through his extraordinary Maison de Verre. We advise going there right now. Here's how.

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DIY Anti-Anxiety Medications (Paul Klee, Austin Kleon)

After we wrote about John Franzen's "one line, one breath" art works, we heard from quite a few artists that use breath as a sort of meditation when they make their art. And others who use it to quiet their anxieties, as Austin Kleon does when everything is NOT fine...

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