Mira Keras

Stressed? Throw an Easygoing Thanksgiving Picnic

Hosting during the holidays can mean a lot of pressure. My husband and I didn't want to spoil the joy of actually being with the people we love by fussing over inconsequential details. Instead, we have opted for what we lovingly call, Thanksgiving Picnic.

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Ellen Silverman

Our Updated, “Best of” Holiday Recipes + Strategies

In the run-up to Thanksgiving, we often get calls from friends anxious for easy, foolproof strategies for the big meal. Here’s our updated tried-and-true, “best of”  recipe traditions that lend themselves to tailoring and improvising.

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Yamamoto’s Ephemeral Salt Sculptures “Futile Yet Necessary to His Healing”

Yamamoto’s Ephemeral Salt Sculptures “Futile Yet Necessary to His Healing”

( Video link here. ) There is something very moving about watching artist Motoi Yamamoto  painstakingly make his intricate, lacelike installations out of salt…perhaps because they are at once so intricate and so ephemeral. We discovered that the ordinary material ...

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Maria Robledo

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes 12 Ways

This is my favorite basic mashed potato recipe: wonderful as is, or as a base for the many embellishments and improvisations listed below, including the astonishing Sage Oil and Crispy Garlic. You can modulate their richness and texture according to whim or the ingredients you have on hand, making them perfect for the Thanksgiving Feast.

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2 Minute Meditation: Breathing with the Earth

2 Minute Meditation: Breathing with the Earth

(Video link here.) We are stunned by this incredibly beautiful animation from NASA of the 12-month cycle of the Earth's plant life, on land and in the ocean. As the year progresses, we see plant life following the increased sunlight northward or southward causing the Earth's greening to move as though it were breathing...

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Florence Lopez

Geometric Painted Wall: Keep the Pattern, Change the Color

We are smitten with  Parisian antique dealer and interior designer Florence Lopez’ website and its many interiors showing her extraordinary use of darkish, saturated color, especially deep blues and greens (all with a little black in them). Of note, this geometrically patterned wall in greens and cream ...

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Tom Newton

Linda Rodin on Finding Style in Aging + Face Balms Mixed in a Coffee Cup

Linda Rodin, a late-sixty-something former model and fashion stylist is known for her signature style that revolves around a simple three element-formula: her long silvery gray hair, oversize glasses and red lipstick — always. She created her popular  Olio Lusso Face Oil , ...

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