Ellen Silverman

Easy: Blueberries, Feta and Herbs

For summer and blueberry season: Mindy Fox’s riff on the classic, ever-surprising, utterly-refreshing combo of watermelon and feta cheese: Blueberries, Feta and Mint from  Mindy Fox’s Salads: Beyond the Bowl .  Sometimes we replace the mint with basil, a hint of ...

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Sally Schneider

The Many Surprising Uses of a Kitchen Hammer

Matthias Wandel is a clever improviser whose YouTube channel is full of good ideas. Our favorite: a kitchen hammer, something you rarely see on any “kitchen essentials” list. We use ours — a rubber mallet— for variety of general ...

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Cecil and Merl

Cecil and Merl Bitters’ Vibrant Flavors INSPIRE, Drinks to Desserts

Of all the artisanal bitters we've sampled over the years, Brooklyn-based Cecil and Merl's totally blew us away. They managed to distill clear vibrant flavors of fruits, vegetables and herbs with a subtle bitter afterfinish that goes well in all manner of cocktail, culinary and wellness applications. Given their sublime flavors and endless uses, they are a perfect house gift.

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Re-envision Time to Have More of It

Re-envision Time to Have More of It

Scott Thrift redesigned the traditional numeral clock to make it shift the way you experience your day: he simplified a 24-hour day into a visualization of dawn, noon, dusk and midnight, its slowly moving hand making a gradual transition from one to the other. He says its effects are powerful...

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Bello Nock Inflatable Man Featured Image

CrowdFunding to Save an Endangered Art Form

Lately, it seems like many one-of-a-kind art forms are struggling to find their footing in an increasingly strange new world. One close to our heart is the Big Apple Circus, modeled on the European-style one-ring tent circus tradition. For nearly 40 years, it has thrilled audiences around the country with wildly imaginative performers, like the great Bello Nock, above. Check out his wild, beautiful act.

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Piano Elegy Played On the Icy Arctic Ocean

Piano Elegy Played On the Icy Arctic Ocean

( Video link here. ) We were stunned by this video of composer  Ludovico Einaudi  playing a baby grand  while floating upon the icy Arctic Ocean  in front of a surging, cracking Wahlenbergbreen glacier. His astonishing performance of Elegy for the Arctic was part of Greenpeace ‘s Save ...

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Sally Schneider

Pema Chodron + A Site That Envisions Impermanance

+We spend a good amount of time looking for ways to be more accepting of change that seems to be moving faster and faster, the messy processes of life and our lack of control over them: what Buddhist's call Impermanence. Pema Chodrun's new book and this clever site help...

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Princeton Architectural Press

Take a Holiday From Being Human

It's curious that about the same time Thomas Thwaites was figuring out how to be a goat — finding human personhood stressful and narcissistic — Charles Foster was trying his own experiments "becoming" various animals, including a badger, an otter, a fox, a deer and a swift. Both had come to existential crossroads.

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