Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

Edible Flowers: Foraging & Feasting’s Essential Info + Wondrous Recipes

“One of my life's quests has been to eat as many flowers as possible” wrote Dina Falconi in the wonderful Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook. Here’s Dina’s list of late summer flowers and essential advice for using flowers in your cooking and her sensational Leaf & Flower Custard Ice Cream Master Recipe.

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AFP PHOTO / Anne-Christine Poujoulat

Finding Your Personal Medicine (Yayoi Kusama)

When we stumbled on an image of the polka-dot cloth-wrapped trees in Yayoi Kusama’s extraordinary Ascension of the Polka Dots on the Trees, we felt instant joy and astonishment and were reminded once again of Kusama's use of art as her own medicine. It got us thinking about vocations, passions, practices, arts that actually help us to live in the world.

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Oink Studio

Plywood Niche Set In Sheetrock Wall

We love this very practical, very stylish idea from Oink Studio: a plywood-lined niche set in a in sheetrock wall. Baltic Birch’s stripey uniform plies make for a pleasing natural edge that gives a crisp furniture feel with an organic edge. Here’s what you need to know…

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Sally Schneider

Survivalist’s Essential Tool (and Gift): Trees

In this astonishing simulation, Nasa tracks the flow of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide across the planet over the course of a year and shows just how much trees clean the air. It increased our awareness of how essential trees are, beyond their beauty, shade and energy. And what we can easily do to increase earth's tree population.

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Living is a Martial Art (Bruce Lee)

Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee always carried a small notebook in which he wrote down quotes, affirmations, appearances, poetry, philosophical ideas and his personal practices for training his mind and spirit NOT just his physical skill. Take a look.

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Erin Kelly/

Olive Oil Goes Sweet on Yogurt, Fresh Cheese, Grilled Bread, Cake…

When Ellen Silverman came by, she asked for some EV olive oil for her breakfast of yogurt, berries and nuts. It was incredibly delicious and deepened the flavors dramatically. It was the first time I had olive oil on breakfast yogurt, but not the first time I had olive oil as a sweet.

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Anna Fasshauer via

Bent Copper Tubing Lamp Sculpture DIY (after Anna Fasshauer)

We've written about all sorts of practical things made out of copper pipe and tubing from room dividers to tables.The copper lighting we've posted has been simple, with one or two bends NOT the wonderfully freeform tangles of artist Anna Fasshauer's light sculptures. Which seem, possibly, diy-able.

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Ellen Silverman

Purposeful Messages from Strangers

Ellen Silverman spotted this sign in tiny street garden in Paris. The curiously personal, handwritten note of fierce protection and thanks got us thinking about the loose, personal-yet-targeted messages left in public that we sometimes see that are quite different from graffiti. And that we could make some ourselves.

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s Cartoon Instagram is a Big Relief

We love instagram (especially our own SignLaboratory) but also get tired So the New Yorker's cartoon-a-gram has come as something of a relief; we love having a cartoon fly into our day at random. We've found that a number curiously echo Improvised Life's themes and messages...

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Gigi de la Torre

‘Rise and Look’ for the Unexpected (Mary Oliver + Gigi de la Torre)

This lovely image by Gigi de la Torre’s seems to sum up Improvised Life's curious mashup of books and trees, inner and outer, poetry and practicality, organic and cerebral, and the unexpected connections of ideas made when the Creative is at work.  We were waiting for the right moment to publish it. We found it this morning when we randomly opened to these just-right words.

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Foraging & Feasting cover

Foraging & Feasting’s Agua Fresca and Other Wild Recipes

Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi, illustrated by Wendy Hollender, will enable you to actually cook with the many abundant, common wild foods hiding in plain sight, or available at your farmer's market.

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The New York Times

The Magnitude of Our Leaps Eludes Us (Simone Biles)

This astonishing composite photo of gymnast Simone Biles performing a difficult vault at the Brazil Olympics exemplifies the LEAP as visual metaphor for risk taking, having faith, taking on challenges, attempting to FLY.  We wondered what such leaping and flying was like from Biles' point of view. This insight applies to many of us.

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