Things You Can Control, with Caveats + Brian Eno

There is SO much beyond our control these days, that is was a relief to a list of things we CAN control. Then we thought about the idea of trying to control things, which can tighten things up too much, add stress and an impossible ideal. Musician Brian Eno’s words inspired a better way to view it.

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Don’t Know What You are Doing? You are Not Alone (Rumi + Chuang Tzu)

We've lost count of the times we've thought "We don't know what we are doing!" as we work, pursue ideas, navigate crises, move through our day, week, year. We are heartened to see that we are not alone, and that it can yield great rewards.

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Steel Cut Oats Go Savory (+ a Trick for Having Them Ready in a FLASH)

Steel cut oats make a sublime breakfast when dressed with savory flavorings rather than sweet ones. But they take SO long to cook unless you follow this brilliantly simple trick to having them ready first thing in the morning.

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