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    Ramp Season: Odes, Festivals and Recipes

    Every April, I start thinking about ramps, the first wild food to peek through the cold ground in early Spring, and the focus of equally wild festivals throughout the Appalachian mountains. For decades, I'd travel down to West Virginia to the Helvetia Ramp Supper to get a transformative blast of ramps, both raw and cooked. Here is one of the best descriptions I've heard of that first bite, by David Voodoon Noble, also known as The Ramp Moses: [...]

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DIY: Carefree Garden in a Bottle

50 years ago, David Latimer planted a seed in a glass bottle out of pure curiosity. He had no idea that it would flourish into a mass of greenery that would thrive untouched for several decades to become a wonder of lush plant life. Depending on the bottle you choose, bottle gardens can look like living sculptures.

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Hanna Eshel’s Dream Loft with Sculpture

Artist Hanna Eshel's inspiring Noho New York loft is full of windows, light, and her elemental sculptures. What a vibe and look, from the patched floor to the 70's style tracklights, plinths with artworks, ongoing projects, plants, sculptural plywood stools, white everywhere, even the simple elevated loft bed, which here manages not to be a cliche.

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el Bulli’s Bullipedia: Mapping the Genome of Cuisine

el Bulli’s Bullipedia: Mapping the Genome of Cuisine

Since th legendary restaurant elBulli's closure three years ago, über-chef Ferran Adrià and his team at el Bulli Foundation have been working to convert the restaurant to a creativity think tank, with a online resource to helps you understand the inner-workings of food.

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striped coffee table Pierre Paulin and Kho Liang Ie, Circa 1966

Why Not Stripe Your Coffee Table?

This charming striped, oddly-shaped coffee table from the 70's made us consider what we take for granted in the realm of coffee tables. WHY NOT stripe them?

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Jagged or Unfinished as a Design Element

We've long been fans of "broken geometries", the purposeful leaving of design elements unfinished, uneven, or even broken, to create a visual surprise. Recently Remodelista did a roundup of some fine examples.

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Quick 4 —The 4 Minute Workout for Lazy Dogs

Quick 4 —The 4 Minute Workout for Lazy Dogs

We downloaded Quick 4 to our iphone and find that a 4-minute workout (based on high intensity interval training) allows for no excuses and won't let us off the hook, despite the fact that we are naturally lazy dogs (exercise-wise).

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