Start the Week Flying…Over a Moon for a Cosmic Perspective

Start the Week Flying…Over a Moon for a Cosmic Perspective

( Video link here.NASA  recently released beautiful enhanced color images of  Pluto ‘s largest moon  Charon  taking during the  New Horizon  mission’s approach to the Pluto system last July. They used the images create this astonishing flyover video of Charon. It definitely gives us ...

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Angus Mil courtesy of Gallery FUMI.

How Trees Foster Well-Being, Indoors or Out

A new study provides further evidence of the beneficial effect of trees on well-being. Being among trees can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. British sculptor Max Lamb's recent installation shows how powerful trees are INDOORS as well.  Yoko Ono expands the view.

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Need to Relax? Watch Mesmerizing Gifs of Classic Japanese Prints
Chompoo Baritone

Life Edited Can Be Just So Much Bullsh*t

Lately we've come across two compelling photographers whose images boldly portray an essential message about Instagram: the pretty picture you see is not the WHOLE picture. They show the unpleasantly real context from which the pretty photo was plucked, to become an aspirational ideal that messes with our heads. They help to antidote social media's portrayal of the perfect lives we don't have.

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The Magical Physics of Popcorn + 6 Popcorn Recipes

The Magical Physics of Popcorn + 6 Popcorn Recipes

( Video link here.The Kids Should See This is a site full of wonders for kids AND adults. Dig this beautiful short video of what ACTUALLY happens when a kernel of corn POPS. I had no idea the stuff I threw into my trusty  Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper  is so magical. ...

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Sally Schneider

A Cheap Instant Moveable Lego-ish Standing Desk

Day after day of sitting and writing at my computer made my body crave standing. Knowing that standing is much healthier than chronic sitting, I'd rigged standing desks in the past but none of them ever seemed quite right. In desperation, I plunked the EverBlock library steps on a terrace table and perched my old 17" MacBook on it.

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