Susan Dworski

Non-toxic DIY Tip #10,833: PAM Fly Eliminator

We have an infestation of flies in this Southern California heat. Particularly in the kitchen. Having no screens no doubt complicate the issue. But, hey, we haven’t really had to deal with this before. In ...

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A classmate inspecting a freshly-poured silver casting in Penland's metals studio

Art Retreats as Career-Shift Catalyst

“A vacation for my soul,” “summer camp for adults,” “paradise,” “the one time a year I get to make anything“—these are all common phrases heard at summer arts workshops around the country. For many without home studios or ...

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Update on Vibrating Bed Solutions: Hanging Beds

In response to our contest asking for solutions to keep our bed from vibrating, a number of readers suggested suspending the bed, which we WISH we could do. But as with any creative problem, we have some serious constraints to deal with.

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Sinnae Choi in collaboration with unnamed participant

Artful Pubic Wigs!

We check into Improvised Life part-time support staff and contributor Sinnae Choi’ s website periodically to see what the multi-talented artist is up to. We were amazed at the LOL beauty of the human hair merkins she ...

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