Hi/Low: Round Porthole Mirrors for a Haiku-like View

You have only to search MIRROR on Improvised Life to find evidence of an obsession. Not to look at one’s self. But to angle them in such a way as to SEE a bigger view. Take these port-hole mirrors, for example…and Basho’s haiku…

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Sugru Will Fix Your $300 Headphones + Other Stuff You Love

After trying a number of materials, the truly miraculous (and fun!) Sugru proved the only one to fix the $300 noise-cancelling headphones I rely on to calm my super-sensitive nervous system. It has become a staple in my arsenal.

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A Cool Tiny Video About the Thresholds that Trigger Change

This tiny, funny, illuminating poem of a film shows everyday objects in the moments of tension — the thresholds — before they fall apart, spring, light, snap together... As we watched it, we couldn't help thinking of ourselves.

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Agnes Martin: On the Perfection Underlying Life (+ the Panic of Complete Helplessness)

In her 1973 essay "On the Perfection Underlying Life", artist Agnes Martin addresses the rewards of "the panic of complete helplessness"; the real meaning of mistakes, and an unexpected path to contentment.

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Secret Flavor Amplifiers of Clever Cooks + Parmesan Bone Broth Recipe

In Parm Bones: How to Raise Flavor From Foods You Might Throw Away, Zingerman's Mo Frechette outlines tricks traditional, i.e. frugal, ie savvy cooks use to amplify flavor from the last bits of ingredients. They're essential, as is this Parm Bone Broth recipe.

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Every Decade, She Gives Up Something She Hates

Recently we heard of a woman who, with each new decade, gives up something she hates. She stopped dying her hair. Ten years later, she stopped wearing the dresses. At first we wondered why she only gave up things she hated only every decade. Then we got real.

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Potent Restful Secrets to a Working Vacation

We were about to take some time to do NOTHING when got a notice for Jury Duty and found a trove of essential, time-sensitive tasks that had fallen by the wayside. We wondered how to plough through obligations AND rest in a beachy, refreshing way?

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