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Pineapple and other ALT Jack-O-Lanterns

Haven’t gotten your Halloween act together? Here are some alternatives to the traditional carved pumpkin that you can do in time for Halloween, one of the BEST holidays for the wild creativity that is in ...

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Spiky Red Wall

A Spiky Red Block Wall

French artist Didier Faustino  created this spiky red wall reminiscent of a cartoon explosion as an art installation on the grounds of a 1950’s villa designed by architect and sculptor André Bloc . We love it for the ...

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An Indoor Stoop

Indoor, Portable and Fur-Covered Stoops

Having grown up as outdoor brownstone stoop sitters, we were intrigued by the possibilities for INDOOR stoops, and for portable stoops you can place outdoors if you don't happen to have a real one to hang out on.

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striped walls Paolo Portoghesi, Casa Papanice

Horizontally Striped Walls that Really Work

At   Aqqindex , we stumbled on a room Italian Architect Paolo Portoghesi designed in Casa Papanice, currently part of The American University of Rome. His use of horizontal stripes are a revelation, working so much more fluidly than ...

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