• Telmo Pieper

    Kid’s Drawings Made Real

    Dutch artist Telmo Pieper saved his drawings from childhood. Many years later, he used modern-day digital painting skills to make prototypes. The resulting works comprise his Kiddie Arts Series, an amazing example of a kid's vision made REAL. (And what an idea THAT is!) We TOTALLY covet the car and think his beetle is pretty awesome.  [...]

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Ilse Bing

Chic Newspaper Hat (Inge Morath)

We love this curiously stylish newspaper hat that a new dealer wore in 1947 in Paris at Place de la Concorde. Captured by the great Inge Morath .  Dig the little ends turned up. “Chic” can be ...

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Petra Bindel/ myscandinavianhome.com

In Praise of Shadows and Quiet, Muted Interiors

I’ve been yearning for shadows since June 21st when the world took a tumble towards autumn, trailing crayon-bright, midsummer color and loud solstice revels. Parched by the bleached Scandinavian cottages and austere, no-tint white rooms that are everywhere online, ...

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Virginia del Giudice

Sea Shell Salt Cellar

Our friend Virgina del Giudice sent us a lovely vacation email with the subject line: “Improvising“: We were on vacation in La Pedrera, Uruguay (very beautiful place!) My husband and I rented a forties garage converted into a ...

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PES’ Western Spaghetti

PES’ Western Spaghetti

( Video link HERE. ) This insanely cheeky, surrealistic send-up zaps cooking shows with sly, technological savoir faire. I needed several viewings to fully grok all the nutball details. — Susan Dworski   *Editor’s Note: Incredibly imaginative film maker PES ‘ “Fresh ...

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Closet Strategies with a Simple Piece of Fabric

Since when is it hip, slick and cool to lie in bed and stare at your clothes and shoe racks––no matter how neatly organized––when you’re rustling up romance? I’m talking about a very particular theme of ...

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