School Girl Parcour

School Girl Parcour

( Video link HERE. ) In the annals of “breaking stereotypes” is this thrilling, mind-boggling, closer-than-bird’s-eye view of two Japanese schoolgirls doing seriously Ninja Parcour — usually the realm of young men — all around the city of Atami. ...

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Fredericks & Mae

Go DIY and Fly a Kite!

Fredericks & Mae's beautiful Floralia - Fighter kite is meant to hang a wall to IMAGINE flying in air. But for us, it is inspiration for diy kites you can fly, like the one we saw the other day being flown from a Harlem rooftop. Made by Joel has a great tutorial, one of many kite plans we found online.

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Do a Wheelie

Do a Wheelie!!

We LOVE everything that is in clear defiance of age (or any other) limiting stereotypes. You GO girl/woman/lady/man/daddy/mister/ms/miss/mama….! via Pinterest

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Sally Schneider

Industrial Materials for DIY + Home Improvements

We have a thing for industrial materials: the mysterious raw materials used by various industries that were traditionally off-limits to the public. Years ago, we learned that if we could find a source, we could buy them like anyone else. Recently, we had an adventure and lesson in the vast possibilities of rubber products (and made some big discoveries we didn't expect).

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Zita Merényi

Sculptural, Dimensional Textiles—for Couture or DIY

We love designer Zita Merényi’s Provo-CUT collection of seared-and-soldered neoprene garments. Forgoing traditional draping and stitching, these pieces are instead constructed panel-by-panel, pleated together, and heat-joined into dimensional, puffy, future-ish jackets and cloaks punctuated by thick, ...

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