Sally Schneider

Decoding Tallon’s Iconic Folding Stools to DIY

One of our most popular posts has been Hangable, Folding Stools and Chairs, featuring 70’s industrial designer Roger Tallon's brilliant stools that fold flat to hang on a wall. Our research has revealed no designs or knock-offs of the brilliant design for sale. So we figured out an approach to DIY...

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Ellen Silverman

How to Prevent Decluttering’s Savage Aftermath

When downsizing or decluttering, we often feel the loss of the precious memories physical objects can be a reminder of. It is one of the more savage side effects of 'decluttering'. Here's a solution I found years ago when I had to give up some of my own precious possessions.

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Jalabert Camille’s ‘Fuel’ Will Brighten Your Day

Jalabert Camille’s ‘Fuel’ Will Brighten Your Day

( Video link here .) Really funny and totally sweet, this teeny film by 3rd year film student  Jalabert Camille  will make you feel just fine about just about any misstep, mess-up or irritant you encounter today. It takes Samuel Beckett’s ...

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Sally Schneider

Pasta al Limone (Lemon Pasta) after Sandro Fioriti

When I am feeling low, I sometimes go to Sandro’s in NYC to eat Spaghetti al Limone. It is a quietly comforting experience: spaghetti perfectly cooked al dente slicked with a suave, subtly lemon, perfectly-balanced  sauce. I’ve seen ...

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Chuck Close/Andrew T. Warman for the New York Times

Chuck Close: ‘Ideas come out of the work itself’

The Mysterious Metamorphosis of Chuck Close is a must-read for the MANY illuminating and original questions and viewpoints it presents about making art in 2016, aging, the need for personal change. Of particular interest to us was the advice Close gave his friend Paul Simon, who recently announced that he's going to retire.

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Sally Schneider

Stripes Modernize a Dark 19C Interior (Martin Creed)

The Martin Creed show at the Park Avenue Armory gave us much to think about plus one great decorating idea. We’d normally find the ornate 1880’s dark wood-paneled grand corridor rather oppressive —unlike the astonishing 55,000 square foot Drill Hall. We ...

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Jan Bervin

Microscopic Silk Poems Meant to Live Inside the Body

When visual artist and poet Jen Bervin learned that researchers were experimenting with nano-printed silk medical sensors for patients monitoring serious health conditions, she wondered, If I were to have a silk sensor embedded under MY skin, what would I want it to say? The story of her exploration and the results are astonishing and deeply heartening.

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