Sally Schneider

Our Favorite PaperThin Pancakes (No Flour, Eggs, or Milk…)

One of the best snacks I’ve had was in the market in Nice: a thin chickpea-flour pancake served hot on pieces of paper to eat with your fingers, pulling off the chewy edges and the soft crepe like interior. This sublime creation is easy to duplicate at home, where the eggless, flourless, dairy-less crepe-like pancakes can go savory or sweet.

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Alice Brock

Alice Brock’s Painted Beach Stones DIY + Guerilla Action

Alice Brock is "Alice” of “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie's iconic anti-war song of the 60’s. We discovered that she forages stones on the beaches around Provincetown, draws on them and leaves them in unexpected places: a perfect guerilla practice for the end of summer.

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Caitlin Van Horn of Roost via

Folding, Height Adjustable Ironing Board Table…Desk…Table Base

Ironing boards, with their adjustable height stands and ability to fold away into a closet, are really an ideal dual-purpose surface. We started remembering beautiful vintage ironing boards we'd seen and envisioning their chic, useful possibilities.

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Personal Pathfinding: ‘Head Toward One Place to Get to Another’

Way Finding: ‘Head Toward One Place to Get to Another’

This compelling 2 minute short animation is about a unique, counterintuitive method of wayfinding —traveling from one point to another over a great distance — used by both the space program and the ancient inhabitants of remote islands of the South Pacific. The concept can apply to personal life paths as well.

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Sally Schneider

End-of-Summer Corn with Fried Egg + Parmigiano

My instant breakfast/lunch/supper dish for the end of summer corn season: cut-off-the-cob corn cooked briefly in a skillet, then an egg plopped in to fry along with it. Spoon the corn into a bowl, throw the egg on top and top grate Parmigiano over it. Protein, vegetables, starch, fat in one delish bowl. No recipe needed. Just check out the pictures...

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Lummi Island Wild

This Shining Moment in the NOW

There’s a sweet hiatus between summer and fall in the few weeks after Labor Day when the sky promises to be blue forever and only a dozen, drifting, saffron leaves hint of soon-to-be barren branches. Before moving to a ramshackle farm tucked away on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest last year, seasons were meaningless. Here, Nature knocks and you listen…

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Edda Gimnes

Clothes to Draw, Write, Paint On

At Kleidersachen, a German tumblr whose name name literally translates dresses things, sublime examples of out-there clothing and textiles had us transfixed, culling ideas right and left on a variety of themes, in awe, inspired. To start, we're thinking about neutral apparel that can be drawn, painted, written on.

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‘Soy Yo’: A Joyous Anthem of Personal Liberation

‘Soy Yo’: A Joyous Anthem of Personal Liberation

Soy Yo is an astonishing visual anthem about a young girl's small powerful acts of personal expression and liberation. As she encounters a morning's worth of possible "girl prisons" —humiliations and messages of 'less than' —, she navigates her way through them with aplomb. She is our new role model, and the music our wakeup call.

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Honeysuckle Caterers

David Chang’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness w Recipes

For anyone wondering how an inspired chef thinks or how to think like one, David Chang's The Unified Theory of Deliciousness in Wired is a must-read. Chang seeks to unearth the underlying base patterns that people respond to in a truly great dish, including the perfect level of salt.

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Christina McLeish Courtesy Grove Atlantic

‘the world is full of signs and wonders’ (H is for Hawk)

We read straight H is for Hawk straight through, riveted by Helen McDonald's tale of grappling with numbing grief by training a fierce goshawk, as gripping and unusual a tale of personal transformation as we have read. We find ourselves returning to McDonald's superb insights frequently, deeply heartened by their beauty and perspective.

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Sally Schneider

DIY Live Edge Bath Table / Board

For a bath person, it is heaven to luxuriate with whatever you need close at hand: cocktail, herb tea, iPad, novel... A bath board that rests across the tub makes for a perfect surface to rest things on. Recently, we saw an easy-to-make iteration that David Sanford made for a friend...

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