• Open Source Systems for Everyday Objects, Food + Living

    Open Source Systems for Everyday Objects, Food + Living

    (Video link HERE.) Bio 50 has applied open-source thinking to electronic appliances we use in our homes everyday. They've prototyped of a system built upon standard components that offers the user the ability to assemble, customize, repair, and repurpose existing products. Check out their clever fan, hand mixer, and a balloon-encased lamp all configured from the same elements.  [...]

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Adjustable Rolling Table for Matisse AND Us

When we looked closely at images of the invalid Matisse sitting in bed or in a chair making his beautiful paper cutouts, we realized that he used an adjustable bed table similar to one we’ve ...

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BIG Leaning Mirrors Expand the View

I’m crazy about how mirrors can animate a room and bring it to life. Particularly oversize, leaning mirrors. I thought these were beauties. … You don’t need to do anything — no hanging or rigging; ...

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Annals of Hair Design: the Hair Hat!

We are continually amazed at the mighty improvisational and creative brilliance-in-the-realm-of-hair-dos we see around town daily. But these hair hats may take the cake. We don’t know HOW this Caucasian guy got his bone-straight hair ...

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