Honey from a Weed: Simple Rice or Risotto with Dandelion (or other Greens)

It is weed season. Dandelions make me hunger for a simple dish I first read in Honey From a Weed, a cookbook I've continued to enjoy for over thirty years. The elemental Macedonian dish morphs into a splendid risotto.

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Three Words that Transform Anxiety or Fear into Excitement

After many years of suffering stage-fright in certain situations, I wonder what would have happened had I known neuroscientist Ian Robertson's "magic trick" that transforms certain forms of anxiety and fear into excitement.

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Etsy Studio for Hard-to-Find Project and Craft Supplies + Ideas

When we were searching for hardware for a bag we are prototyping, we scoured New York City's garment district and the internet for sources. We were surprised to find the most complete offerings at Etsy. The digital marketplace of crafters and sellers has expanded...

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Instructions on Not Giving Up (Ada Limón)

Some time ago, we published a PDF Toolkit of Questions to Ask Before Giving Up. Perhaps as good or better is poet Ada Limón's wondrous, to-the-point poem "Instructions on Not Giving Up", which provides powerful instruction of another sort.

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Mothers Day Special: Mom’s Rewrite Ivanka’s Clueless Rules

In this video, Mira Keras and four working mothers read from Ivanka Trump's book Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success, and share their thoughts on Trump's strategies for succeeding at work without sacrificing family life and well-being. Mira’s strategy trumps Ivanka’s!

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Drape Stuff, Like That Scrap of Beautiful Fabric or Vintage Rug

We always scouring cool home ideas the are easy to do. Are we secretly lazy? We sew but try to avoid it or having carpenters come or buying major pieces of furniture. We just want to have a pleasurable, unencumbered time making something fresh out of what we have. Here are two three examples...

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