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    A Winter Solstice Reflection on Loss and Joy

    Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day —and longest night — of the year, when the sun pauses on its southward trajectory, then starts its cimb north, and the cycle begins once again. Some of us wait to begin rejuvenating our lives until New Year's Eve when the glittering ball drops in Times Square. But why not begin a new adventure right now, today, as we usher in the New Solar Year? [...]

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Sybille Palmer

1 Minute Antidote to the Holiday Rush

Longtime reader and friend Sybille Palmer sent us this poem found in Writer’s Almanac, along with a photo of the newly fallen snow in Taos, New Mexico where she lives. It’s a fine example of ...

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Sally Schneider

Holiday Wrapping Paper: Found, Made, Bought

One of our favorite times in the holidays is wrapping gifts, usually done last-minute before flying out to a party, with whatever is on hand. We have some closet space dedicated to found papers, ribbons, fat ...

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Siglio Press

Holiday Strategy?: Abundance Without Attachment

For those wondering how to navigate the lavishness and commercialization of Christmas, we recommend "Abundance without Attachment", Arthur C. Brooks' New York Times' op-ed in which he tells of the three principles he's learned for handling the painful contradictions of the season and of our aspirational era.

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Holiday Hair Do’s

Human invention and creativity applied to holiday hair-do’s. Pure wonder! via Chris Eldredge

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