This Enters Through the Brain’s Back Door To Make You More Creative

Our reason for mixing poetry into articles about very practical matters is done with fierce intention: Poetry enters through our brain's back door and shakes things up. We find that it helps greatly in envisioning possibilities...

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The BEST Ways to Register Your Opinion with Congress

Like many people, we are wondering what the best way is to let Congress know what we think. We found New Yorker 'What Calling Congress Achieves' hugely helpful in understanding how different kinds of correspondence is received. Here's what you need to know about the most effective way to petition the government.

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What is Your Terrifying High Dive? (Ten Meter Tower)

Ten Meter Tower shows people who had never been on a 10-meter (about 33 feet) diving tower before, and had never jumped from that high. The film is about approaching a personal limit —a potential leap — full of fear, and either making the decision to make the leap or not. Watching it is both moving and illuminating.

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