• Silly Walk Traffic Light 

    Silly Walk Traffic Light 

    Following in the steps of Monty Python, the art collective Kreativiteket installed a “silly walk” traffic sign in the village of Ørje, Norway with the Mayor's blessing. THAT'S one forward-thinking city! The sign really does incite and liberate people to silly walk, fun to do AND to watch, a complete, inspired surprise.

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Chic, Makeshift, Unfinished Kitchen

This kitchen is so stylish and inviting, we're wondering if it's in process and unfinished OR if it's purposely as is. We've cooked in many a kitchen outfitted this way, with great pleasure, in part due to the constraints it imposes.

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Can One Decide to Be More Joyful?

At The DISH, we read part of an interview with the poet Christian Wiman, whose work often grapples with doubt and death. He turned his attention to joy and asked: Can one really just decide to be more joyful, though? Then he answered his very compelling question.

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Taking Rugs Outdoors to Make Comfortable, Colorful “Rooms”

As we turn our attention to getting our patio ready for hanging out, we're inspired by this charming image we found on From Moon to Moon of a Moroccan-style garden ladened with brightly colored rugs. The rugs define and soften the space, and create an outdoor "room", perfect for hanging out with friends. Creative use of colorful textiles, Moroccan-style, is a great strategy.

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Shin Yahiro’s Tsunami Images

Japanese-born photographer Shin Yahiro superimposes images of the 2011 tsunami disaster over photos of the subsequent recovery and rebuild in the Tōhoku region. The images have a curious effect in our view of disasters.

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Wondrous Sculptural Pottery from an Analog 3D Printer

Great Things to People's 3D pottery printer is not directly digital at all, but a fabulous rig that allows them to "work in the translation of computational logics and automations process in the material world" to make make their beautifully organic, assymetrical pottery.

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