the perfect glass (thin, cheap, well-designed)


For years I’ve been buying the same glass and worrying that it would be discontinued. Marta “Cooler” from CB2 is incredibly cheap ($2.50), has a beautiful, classic shape, and feels great in your hand because the glass is so thin (a rarity with cheap glasses). It is almost identical to a glass that chic design stores like Design Within Reach offer for a lot more money.  It is truly all-purpose, being not only great as a “drinking glass” for water, sodas and cocktails, but works strangely well for wine. It also makes a pleasing vase for a small bunch of flowers. I once used it to serve individual portions of rice pudding.

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  1. Martha 09.20.2012 at 5:31pm #

    I bought eight of these glasses when you wrote about them several months ago. They are thin and light, a pleasure to hold. Their classical simple shape makes them a universal vessel.

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