reality sandwich*: street mural, bronx-style via manny howard

Manny Howard

Manny Howard emailed this photo in response to our post on San Francisco street murals…The Subject Line read:

“the last mural to catch my eye was on the feed store in the bronx where i buy my chicken food”

Manny still keeps a few chickens from the days when he turned his Brooklyn backyard into a farm as an experiment. His book, My Empire of Dirt: How One Man Turned His Big-City Backyard into a Farm, is a truly entertaining story of a guy plunging head-long into something he had no idea about, and figuring alot out the hard way, from hurricanes in Brooklyn to what marriage is REALLY about.

We love that a feed store and a graffiti mural co-exist side by side, a swell Reality Sandwich*

*”Reality Sandwich” is from a work by the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, ‘a prime example of his use of startling verbal juxtapositions to suggest new ideas and connections.'” -Wikipedia…You can buy Ginsburg’s Reality Sandwiches here.

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Manny Howard’s Empire of Dirt

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