for stylish d-i-y shipping pallet furniture: paint it black!

Apart's black shipping pallet sofa

We’ve checked out A LOT of d-i-y shipping pallet furniture, and have been contemplating possibilities for plywood shelving with unfinished edges. Today we realized the simple key to keeping these recycled wood creations from bordering on “granola” and making them more stylish: paint them. White is always reliable (dig this white-painted coffee table), but black or dark gray can do wonders. Apart’s black sofa made (carefully) of shipping pallet wood and painted black is a great example of the possibilities, even in rougher iterations:

Apart's black shipping pallet sofa

Apart's black shipping pallet sofa

We’re thinking a really dark gray would be beautiful as well. Farrow and Ball’s Downpipe has become a pretty hot color of late:

Farrow and Ball Downpipe

You could use it as a baseline when scanning less expensive Benjamin Moore grays.

via Unconsumption

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  1. sj 12.04.2013 at 11:45am #

    How could i get the same black shiny wood effect from pallets, Was anything done to the wood before painting apart from sanding down?

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