what helps you see things differently?

A still from the film yves klein: la revolution bleue (the blue revolution), found via Matt Olson‘s inspired blog Rolu, which so often gives us a new view. We would see the world very differently without it.

What do you rely on to shift your view?

(More on the great Yves Klein here.)

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where do you go for a clear space?

5 Responses to what helps you see things differently?

  1. sahana martin 03.13.2012 at 9:37am #

    What helps me see things differently -if i got the q right- are, for example:

    conversations /interviews -how other people see the world
    placing a potted almond tree next to my entrance
    sorting out things (shifted my view on what i really need)
    re-arranging details at home
    design & art (as found on your blog)
    photography (i like trying out a different perspective)
    science ( e.g. 3D printing, as explained here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2011/09/3d-printing-blood-vessels/42608/ )
    So i guess sometimes it is more an expansion of view, yet that is already very inspiring to me.
    Maybe the most important point is:


  2. sahana 03.13.2012 at 9:55am #

    one more point :
    traveling, near or far (-> http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/ )

  3. Sally 03.13.2012 at 10:00am #

    ‘expansion of the view’ is a great way of putting it. I appreciate your list, including conversations and ‘placing a potted almond tree next to my entrance’. And are with you: the most important point is IMAGINATION. Thanks a million.

  4. jocelyn 03.13.2012 at 8:40pm #

    if I find my inner voice getting too “judgey” regarding how a person is acting I use this line:
    “maybe it’s her birthday”.

    I find it always clears away snarling grumpy judgements that are brewing

  5. Sally 03.14.2012 at 11:22am #

    Wow. what an interesting and novel way to dispel judgements. Such an essential thing. Once someone told me to “assume positive intent” to shift a situation, and remember that there are factors in the other persons life I just don’t know about…

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