d-i-y pattern-painted sofa (and bed and table) legs


We knew that changing the shape of a sofa’s or bed’s legs can be a simple way of jazzing up lines and look AND that there are lot of options around for unfinished wooden legs of all shapes and sizes. And we’ve written before about mask-painting one or all the legs of a table or chair.  But we hadn’t thought of putting the two ideas together until we saw a how-to on the French blog Morning by Foley.

By by masking off parts of the an unfinished wooden leg with tape, you can create all sorts of designs – subtle and not-so – that lend a pleasing detail to a bed or sofa;it can be the kind the detail that refurbishes the look completely.


A Google translation of ‘Morning by Foley’s how-to gives enough info to navigate to d-i-y, along with a great resource for unfinished wood legs: Pretty Pegs, a Swedish company that ships. By googling “unpainted sofa legs” we came across a trove at Unpainted Sofaleg Warehouse.


For more ideas and free-associations, we recommend checking out our past posts with variations on the theme of painted furniture legs:

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