hubert le gall house tour: dig the fireplace!

Hubert Le Gall Fireplace

Interior space voyeurs, check out this satisfying tour of furniture designer Hubert Le Gall’s apartment from a 2002 Nest magazine. We especially love the ersatz fireplace, which appears to be made from molded plaster and paint, but would be still-swell just painted, (as the fire was for a mantle with no hearth we posted once). Check out Le Gall’s colorful sunburst bookshelf…

Hubert Le Gall Sunburst Bookshelf

via Mondoblogo

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  1. Sara 09.07.2012 at 8:46am #

    This work reminds me of ceramicist Molly Hatch’s recent work, not her very latest. See some of the handbuilt vases she did for anthropology here:
    these awesome frames- and the tumblers are also lovely
    She was influenced by Betty Woodman, and is from New England.
    She is continually growing.
    (no i don’t work for her I’m just a fan)

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