last chance to win: ‘canal house cooks every day’

Tomorrow, December 5th, at midnight is the absolute final deadline for entering our giveaway of the great Canal House Cooks Every Day, Christopher Hirscheimer and Melissa Hamilton’s inspiring, user-friendly cookbook. It’s a beaut, a cookbook definitely to have and definitely to give.

Read a bit about the book and check out the super easy rules for entering the contest here.

And if you want to get MORE of a sense about Canal House Cooking, check out the many posts we’ve written about them. We are BIG fans:

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book giveaway: ‘canal house cooks every day’
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canal house cooking: home cooks as indie publisher 

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  1. CW 12.05.2012 at 9:05am #

    I’ve enjoyed your studio remodel posts and Bill Murray’s wisdom.

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