reminder: play in the sand (it’s an art material)

geometric sandcastles by calvin seibert

photo: calvin seibert

As though wanting to pack in every ounce of summer, Coney Island has been host to a number of sand sculpture contests. Last Friday, arts instigator Creative Time headed back to Far Rockaway to host its second annual Artist Sandcastle Competition.  And this Friday’s competition is open to experienced artists and amateurs alike.

Artist’s sand creations can be fine inspiration for your own sand improvisations, so we offer two favorites,  the surprising the cubist one above and lovely the angel, below. (If you don’t want to build, you can always DRAW in the sand, a la the great Jim Denevan).

Our recommendations: Think BIG. And ephemeral. Like Tibetan sand painting, the meaning is in the making and the lesson of impermanence; in the end, all gets washed or blown away, to remain a fine, fat memory.

coney island angel sandcastle by pablo57 flickr

photo: pablo57/flickr

top photo courtesy calvin seibertbottom photo courtesy pablo57 at flickr

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improvising at the beach
more improvising at the beach – in black tie

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