wooden crate obsession yields cool diy furniture ideas

Desire to Inspire’s recent 20+ photo post about an apartment made out of wooden crates — from makeshift walls and a kitchen island base, to night stands, a coffee table, and a bathroom vanity— made us think TOO MUCH!. This is one over-the-top crate obsession. Although living in that crate-filled apartment would drive us crazy, teasing apart the various uses for crates yields may good ideas, like the clever use of crates to make a sofa (above) and a bed (below). Bookshelves are built right in to just about every piece of furniture there.

It’s another lesson in improvisational thinking: extract the info that works for you, and leave the rest behind, OR apply and configure it all in a completely different way.



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  1. Stephanie Smith 06.19.2015 at 1:59pm #

    The bed stacked on crates is a really, really cool idea. It would provide a lot of room, too. My bed is currently on the floor because our box spring mattress wouldn’t fit through the awkward door and hallway of our new place, so we’ve been trying to figure something out. This would be amazing because we can un-assemble it and carry the crates out if we need to move again. Fantastic!

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