The Bubbleologist: A Short Film about Bubbles and Life

Cara de Silva alerted us this lovely short film about Bubbleologist Samsam Bubbleman who uses only two ingredients —soap and water — to make magic:

How I love this.
At about 3.30 or so it becomes almost metaphysical.
What a radiant man. And born improviser.

Click here to watch. If you can’t watch it all at once, we recommend either viewing snippets throught the day, or cutting to the chase at 3:30 – 4:25.

Bubbleologist bubble man colors *

Samsam Bubbleman explains the philosophy and science of bubbles…and how their ethereal beauty transforms people:

 People miss those days when they had less to worry about I guess, and treated life in a more open-minded way. And that’s a beautiful thing, when you talk to people who are in that world and have been put in touch with their inner bubble.

Bubbleologist bubble man 3

We want to always be in touch with our inner bubble!


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