Advice for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life

Like most people, we often feel like we are  juggling way too many things in our life. Although we try to simplify, make choices, edit out the unnecessary, we have not yet mastered the equilibrium of just enough.

How startling then to find Rose Cook’s A Poem for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life in the illuminating Lifesaving Poems, and its affirmation of a very counter-intuitive option…

A Poem for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life

This is a poem for someone
who is juggling her life.
Be still sometimes.
Be still sometimes.

It needs repeating
over and over
to catch her attention
over and over,
as someone who is juggling her life
finds it difficult to hear.

Be still sometimes.
Be still sometimes.
Let it all fall sometimes.

Improvised Life


Letting it all fall can be as big a leap as any of the creative leaps we’ve written so often about, into new projects, relationships, challenges. It can be a mighty daring leap to just stop…

…be still…

…do nothing…

…and let things fall OUT of our control…


Invariably, they right themselves, or a new path opens up or just being still brings a new perspective.




Images from Research in Juggling History. Top: Egyptian, from the 15th Beni Hassan tomb of an unknown prince, dating from the middle kingdom period of about 1994-1781 B.C.     Middle: Terra Cotta Statue from the time of Ptolomaer of ancient Thebes, about 200 B.C      Bottom: Medieval illuminated manuscript

With thanks to M.E. for the wonderful Lifesaving Poems.

One Response to Advice for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life

  1. Josh 04.18.2017 at 8:51am #

    ‘It needs repeating
    Over and over
    To catch her attention
    Over and over,
    As someone who is juggling
    Her life
    Finds it difficult
    To hear’ made me laugh out loud In self-recognition. Thank you!

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