Susan Dworski is a writer, designer and illustrator with the varied interests and talents of a Renaissance woman. We view her as a “radical improviser of the everyday”. In addition to writing evocative posts, she often alerts us to cool extras we post on Facebook and Twitter.

Anthony Giglio is a journalist, sommelier, and author of Food & Wine Wine GuidesCocktails in New York and Mr. Boston’s Official Bartender’s Guide. Above all, he is a master of the fete and deviser of brilliant, simple strategies for celebrations both grand and low-key.

Maria Robledo made most of the images in Sally’s books and food writing (among a ton of other beautiful work). She is responsible for the lovely images of impromtu improvisations and creative goings-on in the Rower-Robledo household, as well as for the fab Wishbone Project. Check out her inspiring Instagram.

Holton Rower is an internationally-acclaimed artist who is so knowledgeable about how things work, so resourceful and innovative, that we could devote a whole site just to his improvisations. We’ve been tracking his ideas and creations for years and feature them often on ‘the improvised life’.

David Saltman is Improvised Life’s editor-at-large. He is an award-winning journalist, author and teacher of Chinese healing arts. His blog The Houdini File  is a compendium of “Magic and Supernormal Fact and Fiction”.

Nina Saltman is Improvised Life’s project and construction consultant. She gives advice on the practical and logistical side of some of the improvisations we feature. A carpenter by trade, she has worked in construction for thirty years. She also knows a lot about gardening and ceramics.

Cara De Silva is a writer, ethnographer, editor, speaker, consultant, and scholar (food; Gypsies; New York; and 16th century Venice are among her research subjects). We rely on her vast network and vision to alert us to improvisations the world over.

Ellen Silverman is a photographer whose work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and ads. She’ll be documenting projects and stories for Improvised Life when only her eye will do. Check out her wonderful images of seriously-improvised kitchens in Cuba.