Friends with Benefits’ FAQ

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How do I subscribe?
Go to our Friends with Benefits Page or Click “Subscribe” on Improvised Life’s right sidebar. Select the subscription option you want: $1.99/monthly or $18/yearly recurring. (You can also tailor the amount you’d like to give.) You’ll then be prompted to submit your payment information.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards —Visa, Mastercard and American Express — as well as PayPal and Dwolla. Through Tinypass, our easy-to-use payment system, you’ll have your choice.

What if I want to give more than $1.99/month or $18/year?
Once you see the TinyPass pay form window, you can choose any amount you wish to pay.

Platinum Level Friend with Benefits: As a special thank you, donations of $250 or more will receive a 1-hour Skype or FaceTime consultation with Sally about an interior design or cooking dilemma (you can also give this as a gift!)

What happens after I subscribe?
You’ll receive a confirmation email from Tinypass. Then go to Improvised Life and SIGN IN to read all the articles you want.

HELP! I subscribed, got my confirmation from Tinypass, and went to sign-in at Improvised Life. But it wouldn’t recognize my username and password. How do I access the content I paid for?
The simple fix for this is to refresh the sign-in browser page several times. That clears the old information and lets Tinypass recognize the new subscription.

If the problem continues, go into your browser’s Preferences and chose “enable 3rd party cookies” in order to stay logged in. This usually solves 99% of these types of issues.

If you are STILL not able to log in from Improvised Life, try to log in through Piano/Tinypass.
Go to
Enter your login details (email and password). You can reset your password here too.
Once logged in: 1) click on the Improvised Life subscription image
2) click on the “Open Launch your content in a new window
3) That’s it! You’re now logged in.

How do I manage my account?
When you subscribe, you automatically create a Tinypass account with a username and password. To make any changes, go to then to My Account. From there, you can make changes to your password, payment form, or subscription.You can even give subscriptions as a gift.

If I subscribe for a year, what happens when my year is over?
Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel or change it from your Tinypass account

What if I don’t want my subscription to automatically renew?
Right now, the simplest option is for you to go into your Tinypass account that was automatically created when you subscribed. To do that go to:, log in to your account and click on the Improvised Life icon. Then go to Manage Subscriptions and click DON’T BILL ME AGAIN.

Since you’ve paid for a year, you will receive a year of reads even after you cancel. If at the end of the year you want to renew, you can do it through Tinypass OR via Friends with Benefits page. And if you don’t remember when your year is up, Tinypass will give you a gentle nudge after you’ve read the 5 free articles for that month. You can decide then if you want to renew.

What if my credit card changes?
Simply go to, log in to your account and click on the Improvised Life icon. Then go to Manage Subscriptions. You can change your credit card information.

How do I change my subscription from monthly to yearly?
First log-in to Tinypass and cancel your monthly subscription at Your subscription will remain active until you’ve used up the remaining days of that month. This is to prevent you from accidentally enrolling in two subscriptions at the same time.

Once your month is over, you can sign up for a yearly subscription, using your Tinypass sign-in.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
You can cancel a monthly $1.99 subscription any time by signing in to your Tinypass account at Your will have access to articles for the remaining time on your subscription.

The yearly $18 subscription represents your commitment to be a Friend with Benefits for a year, for a reduced rate of $1.50 per month. Our payment system does not allow refunds.

Can I give Improvised Life subscriptions as a gift?
Yes. Once you have a TinyPass account, you can sign in and choose that option.

What if I encounter a problem?
Email us at [email protected]. We will answer as soon as we are able.