Press/Praise for Improvised Life

SayMedia’s 100 Voices that Shape Opinion: “We worked with 10 category experts to identify 100 Voices that Matter”. Sally Schneider and ‘the improvised life’ are one of 10 blogs chosen for the Shelter category, in fabulous company with The Selby, Emma’s Design Blog and Design Sponge, among others.

Remodelista: “a favorite recent blog discovery is Sally Schneider’s always-inspired ‘the improvised life’…”

Remodelista Design Newstand: ‘the improvised life’ is one of “our 100 favorite blogs”.

Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of public radio’s The Splendid Table: “For nearly a year I’ve been following Sally Schneider’s e-newsletter and website, ‘the improvised life’. We know Sally as a food writer (her book, The Improvisational Cook, is a personal favorite) and a favorite contributor to the show, but with this site, she reveals with a wonderful eye her ways for living a life filled with beauty, function, originality and grace. Ideas for the kitchen, seeing new art in unexpected places and small efforts which yield unexpected results are some of the gems Sally shares. Take a look…

Corby Kummer, The Atlantic: “‘the improvised life’…wonderfully encompasses an incredibly broad, and equally attractive, approach to style. It’s remarkable…The meat of the site is reports from her eye, and it’s enormously wide-ranging. Sally is a stylist by trade and, more important, inclination–someone who by nature constantly trains her eye, and is always looking for something she hasn’t seen, and something she finds appealing. As with many people who have style in their bones, that tends toward great simplicity…you’ll find links to videos, posters, living rooms of other people’s houses she’s come across herself or on the Web, and explanations of why she was struck…Have a look at what she’s looking at.

Manhattan User’s Guide: “NYC journalist, chef, and author Sally Schneider has launched a new, zeitgeist-perfect website that we love called The Improvised Life. From its immediately engaging design to its thoroughly appealing idea of ‘improvising as a daily practice’, a way of taking each day with a flexible, open-mind, we can’t get enough of the discoveries, observations, and tips therein, covering food, design, DIY, and more.” We’re proud to have been included in MUG’S 2010 ’39 Newww.York Favorites’.

Kicker Studio voted ‘the improvised life’ one of “The Best Design Blogs of 2010”, along with Remodelista, Dwell and The Selby…

NBC New York:  “one of the city’s coolest bloggers.”

Media Bistro/FishBowlNY: “Last week we were tipped to the fact that 13 New York City-based blogs had joined forces to create the ultimate holiday guide for our fair city. If you have yet to check it out, we suggest you take a minute to peruse…The Improvised Life…”

Apartment Therapy: “For great tips about cooking and life in general, visit Sally Schneider’s The Improvised Life…we really liked the image of Schneider filling her kitchen with boulders from Shelter Island and the south of France…”

KNLS Eye on the Web with Mary Westheimer: “Like visiting a really smart friend. That’s what it’s like to pop in at The Improvised Life. Whether it’s a video about creativity, an irresistible recipe, a virtual visit to artist Alexander Calder’s cement block home, stressless ways to wrap presents, or links to other resources like a free guide for inventors, this elegant blog shares just like a clever neighbor would. Sally Schneider and her team somehow keep the site personal, giving a delightful voice to a great, big substantive world. It’s all about creativity and not being afraid to make a mistake. Of course, you need to practice improvising, just like any other skill, making this site a wonderful model to follow while you pursue your own style and bliss. Now that’s worth sharing with another smart friend!”

From Fast Forward, world renowned composer and artist:
“Your writing is smart, informative and fun to read.
The design is sparse, clear & clean.
The choice of topics is vastly varied, but often art, or lifestyle based.
An excellent 101 in how to do a blog.”

…And from one of many readers who email us daily to tell us how ‘the improvised life’ affects their life:

“This post [fling and be flung (jackson pollock)] was my introduction to The Improvised Life, and I return to it about once a month. I have a copy on the wall of my shop, in the front clear pocket of my school binder and in the bill drawer of my desk. Thank you, Sally, for nearly a year of inspiration to continue doing things my way. And here’s hoping for many years to come.”

‘the improvised life’  has also been mentioned in Huffington Post and TreeHugger

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