Fred Sandback on Needing a Place to Play and Letting Your Fingers Think

Artist Fred Sandback stretched lengths of colored yarn taut in a space to make people experience it differently. His booklet, A Children’s Guide to Seeing, made to accompany an exhibition provides serious illumination for adults…

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Manifestations of Gold: Forest Sculpture, Poem, Graffiti, a Dusting Found on Leaves

After I started working with gold, melting, rolling, forging the 22-karat coins I bought years ago, I started to see other forms of treasure, including Karin van der Molen’s beautiful sculpture…

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Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers and Mountain Climbers Transform Stereotypes with Fierce Acts of Empowerment

Aymara indigenous women in Bolivia, long marginalized, have embraced wrestling and mountain climbing in traditional colorful skirts to affirm their history and their visibility. Their motto: To want is power. 

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Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and Ted Talk ask: “What Is the Purpose of My Human?’

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and Ted Talk ask: “What Is the Purpose of My Human?’

In her TED talk and HBO special, “autistic, pathologically shy” Hannah Gadsby tells how she came to be the most talked about comedian on the planet. It started when she asked herself an essential question:

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Brené Brown’s Life Changing Question: Do You Believe People Are Doing the Best They Can?

When Brené Brown asked herself, ‘Do you believe people are doing the best they can? ‘ she admits to answering ‘Fuck no!’ until she explored it further, which yielded pure, transformative gold.

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