Yoko Ono’s Cleaning Pieces for the First Day of Spring

Yoko Ono’s potent little book Acorn provides conceptual “instructions” that are often focused on healing and personal change. Her four Cleaning Pieces seem like just spring cleaning we could use right now. We’re especially curious ...

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Learning to See Through Their Brushstrokes and Their Paint (Francis Alÿs, Matisse)

In this little gem of a video, artist Francis Alys transforms our view of the harsh, dull, strangely monochrome landscape of Mosul, Irag, where he was embedded with American soldiers. We had not seen the ...

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What We Do When We’ve Done Everything We Can and Feel We Should Do More (Chris Eldredge, Pat Steir)

When we’ve worked hard taking care of something and feel there is still more we should do, leaving us restless and worried, we employ this 10-word reality check, learned from a psychotherapist friend.

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Maira Kalman On Wandering, Trees, Obituaries, Museums, Not Knowing, and Falling in Love with Small Things

There are so many compelling ideas in On Being’s  Krista Tippett’s long interview with author and illustrator Maira Kalman, that we made a selection, with images from past posts….

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