copy this: wood block toothbrush holder


Cut a length from a block of some nice looking hard wood…
Bore holes in the end (big enough to hold toothbrushes) with a thick drill bit…
Sand if necessary.

Or,  just buy them in oak at the wonderful Bailey’s Home and Garden.

3 Responses to copy this: wood block toothbrush holder

  1. Cleveland Garneis 01.25.2009 at 4:19am #

    Great article! I’m loving your website.

  2. nellieschneider 05.30.2009 at 10:42pm #

    Tell Sally her mother is speechless.

    So is her sister.

    I knew this would be good but NEVER IMAGINED anything this wonderous and beautiful. From a social science/leadership perspective, you are modeling what so many of us are trying to become in this world but don’t quite know how.

    Scarcity is a psychological reality and an economic pillar. There is less scarcity if you know how to look at what already is.


    Love, Me

  3. admin 07.06.2009 at 7:18am #

    Hi, you wrote your lovely comment before the Blog was meant to be live (it was live only for a few days: an accident. An email I sent to you then bounced back. So I’m hoping you’ll get this now that the ‘the improvised life’ is really up-and-running. Thank YOU so much for that early, inadvertent support. Sally

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