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Maria Robledo

The newly-launched website Veggie Trader is like Craigslist for homegrown produce. Sign up to post a listing describing the excess produce you have and what you’d like in return. Or just enter your zip code to see what your neighbors have available for sell or to give away.

I love the idea which is is admirably high-minded, a perfect example of the net’s ability to support local communities in tangible ways: “find local food, strengthen local communities and economies, encourage people to try their hand at growing food…”. Having experienced first hand how much work it is to launch a site, I wonder who actually put it together, and with what resources (time/$$$).  The site tells little about who started it: a mysterious “gourmet obsessed East Coast foodie” and Portland-based couple learning to grow food in their 900 square foot apartment, who are blogging their adventures. I’d like to know the origins of this big fat idea.   I’m going to look for that story.


Since the fledgling site is just getting going and gardens aren’t yet fully producing, offerings are slim – in fact, there was nothing available for my New York City zip code. I did spot someone in California lining up people to swap for apricots in August when the harvest comes in. For me, homegrown apricots are a really promising sign.  I figure the real test will be in late summer, when kitchen gardens are full-tilt and people will be wondering what to do with their bumper crops of tomatoes and  zucchini.

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