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In the wonderful daddy blog Stork Bites Man, Andy (who also writes Reference Library) wrote a brief post about making this blue tape painting in the hallway outside his daughter Elsa’s room. The two had been working on it for a few months,”a few minutes at a time. She requests a ‘little one, great big one, skinny one, or triangle one’ and I cut each shape to order.”

It’s a perfect, simple, visually charming project to do with a kid (or another adult), and is another example of the brilliant versatility of blue painter’s tape (it’s masking tape so it comes off with no marks, if you could ever imagine taking such a painting down).

Here are more things to do with painter’s tape.

And don’t forget how great it is for making signs on walls.

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  1. Sally 07.31.2009 at 12:37pm #

    Please take a look at Nina’s comments about using tape on walls at the end of “rule for living: apologize every day”. She’s the resident expert on all things construction-ish and “hard” materials. Thanks Nina!

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