Make Your Own Music with ToneMatrix

I am blown away by Andre Michelle’s awesome visual music synthesizer, an instant d-i-y way for anybody to make charming syncopated Steve Reich-ish music that repeats endlessly. The more boxes you touch with your cursor, the more complex the tune becomes. If you get tired of a tune, continue to build it, listening as it evolves.

The synthesizer is the antidote to the workmen hammering outside my office window, providing a gorgeous meditative background sound that, along with ear plugs,  blocks out the pounding on walls going on around me, and is perfectly conducive to working.

This is going on my bookmarks bar.

via The Daily Dish

2 Responses to Make Your Own Music with ToneMatrix

  1. Thunderbelly 07.07.2009 at 3:22pm #

    This is really fun. You can make shapes and hear them….

  2. admin 07.08.2009 at 11:14pm #

    At first it seems like the pattern may be limited, until you really begin to break your own patterns with it, and it takes you to new places. It’s a great destressor, too.

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