welcome to ‘the improvised life’

It seems like it might be fortuitous to launch a blog on the eve of Independence Day, so I’ve decided to take my own advice and forgo the idea of it being “done”, “ready”, or “perfect”, and just send ‘the improvised life’ out into the world.

Though I’ve been writing posts privately on-and-off for a few months now, it feels like a wonderfully rash and liberating act to make them public, to try the idea out, LEAP! Once I start, I’m committed to posting frequently –  all that I find and love about improvising and resourcefulness and creating with whatever is at hand –  and following where it leads.

2 Responses to welcome to ‘the improvised life’

  1. Lex 07.04.2009 at 6:33am #

    Brilliant! Life is an improv….

  2. reggie 07.06.2009 at 7:27am #

    Glad the shingle it out. I had the happy accident of finding your book, THE IMPROVISATIONAL COOK, which helped me cook a birthday meal for my girl. And even though I can’t cook, and even though I made a lot of mistakes, the improvisational spirit made them happy mistakes. Because the improv spirit starts with love. So cheers to being open.

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