remodelista, expanded (in beta)!


I’ve been smitten with Remodelista for years, checking in regularly to the interior design blog for ideas and inspiration. The editors made sure to include ample amounts of the resourceful and inexpensive amidst the architect-designed spaces and high-end hardware. The only problem with the site was that it was difficult to navigate its archives and find things beyond the Main Page. Now, Remodelista has expanded into a website (in beta) with a well-designed navigation that makes it a serious resource for even rough-and-tumble improvisors.

Their lists of recommended blogs and sites about Interiors, Architecture, Remodeling (in “Find Resources”), sent me to useful sites I didn’t know about, like Unclutterer, where I found a good post about essential tools to have for projects and figuring out ideas, and another about a “happiness toolbox”.

In Remodelista Beta’s Palettes and Paints, you can even search products by color. Steal This Look is an archive of easily copy-iable and d-i-y ideas. The Slow Design Section of “Resources” features some terrific Architectural Salvage sites. Clicking on “soap stone” at Nor’ East Architectural Antiques expanded my notions of re-purposed sinks.


Congratulations, Remodelista!

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  1. Remodelista 10.15.2009 at 2:02am #

    Appreciate for the kind words about our new site. We have worked hard at it. Thanks for checking out all the new features and giving them a test drive!

    Best – The Remodelista Team

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