(re)thinking fax cover sheets


Designer Abby Clawson, creator of interesting Hi & Low blog, devised a series of playful, big-relief-from-the-usual- fax cover sheets. She made them in response to an exhibit called “FAX” that she saw at the Drawing Center in New York City; artists, designers, thinkers, film makers were asked to conceive of the fax machine as a drawing tool (unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be viewable online). It looks like they could be done by with pretty ordinary tools:  copier, scanner, scissors, digital camera, colored tape, PhotoShop perhaps, or a simple drawing program.


Why not make a fax cover sheet that brings something new into the sendee’s day?


What would your fax cover sheets look like?

2 Responses to (re)thinking fax cover sheets

  1. name Marie D'Amico 08.06.2009 at 12:13pm #

    Dear Sally,
    Loving the blog and wanting to incorporate practically every idea! This piece reminded me of a beautiful birthday “card” I received this year. Visit jacquielawson.com for a new look at virtual cards. Also, I found a beautifully designed site for invitations (can’t remember the name offhand but it later appeared in NYT so perhaps you already know of it). Anyway, I love the idea of beautiful design, typography etc. on line. It’s been such a pit that way. Hope you are well. Marie

  2. Sally 08.07.2009 at 1:48pm #

    Maria, Thanks a million for your words and for your link to jacquielawson.com. I am always on the lookout for fun and/or well-designed virtual cards (like you say, “a pit”, and often resort to sending loud, animated mariachi-bands playing Feliz Cumpleanos when I want to send a birthday card. I’d love to know about the site for invitations if you stumble on it again.

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