do-it-yourself foreign aid for women and girls

Katy Grannan for The New York Times

Katy Grannan for The New York Times

In Saving the World’s Women, New York Times writers Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn report on extreme acts of violence and repression against women and girls in developing countries such a Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. One such story told of young girls attacked with acid in an attempt to prevent them from attending school. Both horrifying and illuminating, the piece is rare in that it includes a sidebar of very do-able actions that an ordinary individual can take from giving to a micro-finance organization to sponsoring a girl.

An audio slideshow narrated by Kristof gives an excellent overview of the piece, as well as heartening stories of women who found their way out of their powerlessness with the help of  various aid programs and organizations. It also tells of creative initiatives taken by ordinary individuals that grew into powerful vehicles for change.


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  1. nam john jordan 12.14.2009 at 1:36am #

    I’m very thankful for the leadership of those who built this site and opened up such a n accessible opportunity. Oppression or violence toward a woman anywhere in the world hurts the rest of the world. The impact of one suppressed or violated woman carries out through children, partner, family, neighbors, community and the country wide institutions. The impact carries eventually into the policies and politics of the country and to the world. We can help – sponsoring a girl is one real way that empowers one who will empower many around her. I have seen it and we can make a ripple into a wave with our support. Thanks for bringing the opportunity so close.
    john jordan

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