jars with chalkboard labels to buy or d-i-y


Pamela Hovland alerted me to these cool jars that have chalkboard labels so you can just scribble the contents (or the date) with chalk. You can by them at Rockett St. George for 12.50 euros and have them shipped from the U.K. OR you can rig your own.  Paint labels directly on jars using chalkboard paint by hand or with chalkboard spray paint (follow the directions and caveats here). Or make or buy press-on labels like these from an industrious Etsy seller who cuts them out of chalkboard vinyl (fine for jars with a flat surface).

The wonderfully-shaped Weck canning jars would be great with painted labels (though press-on labels would probably work on their gentle slope.

3 Responses to jars with chalkboard labels to buy or d-i-y

  1. Harriet Bell 09.22.2009 at 11:47am #

    Great idea! Like many people, I started putting food by this year, but the available labels for jars are so dreary and corny. Just not cool enough for my strawberry-balsamic and red currant jams. Thanks!

  2. Leslie 04.03.2012 at 3:52pm #

    now the Contact paper people makes chalkboard sticky back paper that can be cut to size for any number of clever uses.

  3. Sally 04.03.2012 at 6:25pm #

    Had no idea. Thanks for the great resource!

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