surprise: susan hochbaum’s pastry project

Susan Hochbaum

Susan Hochbaum

This morning Andrea Raisfeld alerted me to a perfect little film created by designer Susan Hochbaum. It’s called The Pastry Project and it begins:

“I came to Paris middle-aged, divorced, and newly in love. Granting myself a sabbatical and renting out my suburban home, I moved with my beau to this romantic city for a year of living shamelessly…Abandoning restraint, and with the appetite of a teenager, I’ve found my muse…”

What follows will change the way you view Paris forever…(click here to watch)  Ed note 9/30/11: unfortunately, the perfect video has been swapped for a slideshow…And now a new book tells the story. 

Hochbaum’s film is an example of the little miracles that occur frequently on the internet: works of art that someone went to great effort to create and then share, for free (in this case, through an email newsletter). And, as in this film, there are often stories within stories, of change and illumination and a big valiant spirit at work.

Thanks Andrea!

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  1. Harriet Bell 10.15.2009 at 1:38pm #

    What a delightful film. Since I’m not taking a sabbatical in Paris anytime soon, I’ll have to look at New York in a new way! Black and white cookies. Bagels. Knishes. Bialys.


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