Improvised Life: “A Zeitgeist-perfect Website” !!!

Not yet four months old, ‘the improvised life’ got its first public mention today, in Manhattan User’s Guide, a daily, often surprising, newsletter and website that is THE word on what’s happening in New York and beyond. Here’s what it said:

“NYC journalist, chef, and author Sally Schneider has launched a new, zeitgeist-perfect website that we love called The Improvised Life. From its immediately engaging design to its thoroughly appealing idea of ‘improvising as a daily practice’, a way of taking each day with a flexible, open-mind, we can’t get enough of the discoveries, observations, and tips therein, covering food, design, DIY, and more.”

…we are thrilled and proud and happy….

Thanks a million, MUG!

3 Responses to Improvised Life: “A Zeitgeist-perfect Website” !!!

  1. Kim Sykes 10.22.2009 at 1:02am #

    Congrats Sally! I knew folks would notice “The Improvised Life” and go crazy for it. You have lots of fans in San Francisco too. All the best to you and your cohorts!


  2. Milena 10.22.2009 at 6:45am #

    Congrats! I discovered the site on MUG and it quickly earned a spot on my bookmarks. I still turn to the Improvisational Cook when I’m in need of culinary inspiration!

  3. nina saltman 10.27.2009 at 12:34pm #

    SImply my favorite website!!
    Congrats Sally!

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