little makeshift vases

Ellen Silverman

Ellen Silverman

Over the years, I’ve collected a disparate assortment of glassware that I use as makeshift vases: tiny odd-shaped beakers (whatever were they originally used for??!!), little bottles, and squat stemware from decades ago. They are perfect displays for inexpensive branchy flowers whose stems I cut way down. Grouped together, they take the place of a larger arrangement, in a charming way.

They are mostly the treasure of flea markets, yard sales and junk stores; Ebay always has good offerings if you’re willing to wade through the listings. CB2 often has good selection of handblown beakers and odd vases, for a few dollars apiece, like this one designed for a bud or broken stem  (like their Marta glasses, they’re almost identical to really pricey versions):


…or this one for $3.95


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