a food movie gift for day-after-tg lazy-dogs

‘the improvised life’ was going to be dark today, while we move a tiny bit slower AND work on a post for next Tuesday’s special Manhattan User’s Guide 2009 New York Blogger’s Holiday Guide. But while reading Kottke yesterday morning, I came across this swell little video essay by Matt Zoller Seitz from Moving Image Source. It’s called  Feast: A Thanksgiving tribute to images of food on film. It’s a perfect apres-Thanksgiving, lazy-dog, savoring-the-day pleasure. (You can also view it by following the link to the article, and clicking on “Feast”  in the right sidebar).

“Food is a uniter, not a divider. Read a political manifesto on the bus or the train and people tune out. Read a list of ingredients for timpano or green bean casserole or quail in rose petal sauce and they don’t just listen, they nod their appreciation and let out subtle little mutterings of pleasure. Recipes are family-friendly erotica. Who doesn’t love to eat?”

Thanks Kottke!

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  1. namemaria robledo 11.27.2009 at 11:47pm #

    this was so enjoyable in so many levels ,just a treat .

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