duct tape and phone book dress


Jolis Paons beautiful, sublimely imaginative duct tape and phone book dress….

…has completely changed our view…

5 Responses to duct tape and phone book dress

  1. Constance 03.24.2010 at 9:19am #

    Wow. I want this dress (as an object in my living room)

  2. Lesley 03.09.2012 at 9:06am #

    This dress reminds me of a comment Nora Ephron’s mother made to her which is that “everything is material”. She was referring to the art of writing but it applies here too, to see a new use for an old thing.

  3. Aly 03.22.2012 at 11:06am #

    This dress would get SO many good comments at a dance!

  4. jess 09.13.2012 at 9:28pm #

    i love this dress….

  5. jasmyne 11.02.2012 at 9:20pm #

    so easy to recreate!!!!!!!!!!!

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