cool material: rubber paint (+ oscar diaz’ strap bag)


[Photo removed by request of Oscar Diaz. You can check photos out on Design Boom and on Diaz’ website.]


The very resourceful designer Oscar Diaz, who once made gorgeous utensils out of plastic bottles, devised a huge shopping tote called “Glueline” made out of a web of ordinary strapping material secured with rubber paint. We think the bag is beautiful though a bit flawed, since little things can fall through if they’re not held in plastic bags. But rubber paint is crazy inspired!!! We googled “rubber paint” right away to see if is something we could use at home. And we can. Here’s the thrilling description from Blurt It:

“Rubber paint is a durable, creamy, brushable layer of paint… It sticks on to the surface like a sticky, thick layer of gummy paint, but then when it dries; it has a nice level finish. It has an average hiding ability, but it can hide in one coat if it is thickly applied. It has a good bonding capacity. Rubber paint is versatile and sticks to such materials as wax paper and plastics. It leaves the existing flexibility of the wax paper or plastic bag intact.”

It’s basically the stuff Nina Saltman recommended when we asked her how Pascal Anson made his red-tipped silverware: Plasti Dip, used by carpenters to add a rubber coating to their tool handles. Just imagine…Although we’ve seen Plasti Dip used to make permanent blue boots on a Barbi doll, rubberized origami, and non-scratch/skid tips on chairs and stools, we’re really interested in the idea of using rubber paint with fabric and cardboard…Could we make a folding screen out of cardboard painted with Plasti Dip, for example? Or paint our sneakers to change the color? Or dip a plastic spring water bottle in it to make a more appealing and permanent one? Or transform dollar store plastic coat hangers. The Plasti Dip website has serious info about Home and Industrial ways to use Plasti-Grip…(and check out how Diaz stenciled his name with rubber paint):


And there’s a kit you can order so you mix the exact color of rubber paint you want. We’re going to buy Create Your Own Color Rubber Coating Kit


…and see what happens…

via Design Boom

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