sawhorse tables as solution + sculpture


When we need a table in a hurry for a project or a bigger-than-expected-crowd-for-dinner, we pull out a pair of folding aluminum saw horses we keep the closet. We lay on a top made out of a hollow-core door or a slab of plywood cut to whatever size we like (we’ve got a small version and a larger one…) to make an instant trestle table. If you don’t have room to store the top(s) under or behind the sofa, in the closet or in the basement, take a cue from Spanish Designer Tomas Alonso’s 5 Degree Table, and store the top propped against a wall in plain sight, like a sculpture. Alonso laminated the top of his table a bold green. You could laminate or paint yours any color you like. (We’re thinking blackboard paint …so we can create brilliant transient artworks, or our dinner guests could have fun marking up the table…).

And there are all sorts of cheap, cool looking options for folding saw horses. We LOVE these red powder-coated ones(you can adjust the height and width)


…and these bright blue babies


…. galvanized steel could be pretty beautiful…


All these sawhorses would work just fine OUTSIDE, for an impromptu picnic or work table…

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3 Responses to sawhorse tables as solution + sculpture

  1. Sally 05.04.2010 at 10:18am #

    Nan Howe sent in a link to a great inexpensive saw horse alternative from Ikea (we LOVE the white ones):
    “They come flat packed and I put two of them in my duffle bag and carried them on the plane to my barn in NY! Combined with a skinny hollow door painted with chalkboard paint, they make a great modern farm table. I like your idea of just leaving the door on display as a piece of sculpture, or as a drawing surface when not in use.”

    THANKS Nan!

  2. marnie 04.12.2012 at 1:42am #

    where did you find the blue and yellow galvanized steel saw horses?

  3. Sally 04.12.2012 at 9:14pm #

    There’s a link in the post: Amazon will deliver them to your door.

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