more clipped-together shelving: indie shelving’s clamps + manifesto


Since we first set out on our mission to find good looking clips to make shelving out of boxes, we came across Indie Furniture‘s site. (That’s what happens when you hold an idea in your mind: answers and iterations start to appear).  The folks at Indie devised a clamp/joint that can fit different sizes of wood, with instructions for using them. They are so passionate about creating a do-it-yourself shelving system that would allow people to configure their own unique shelving, that they even published a manifesto:

Although we have a quibble with the look of their clips – we wish they’d design a squared-off one for the very top of a shelf unit, so that the sides don’t stick up –  we LOVE all that Indie built into them: they are practical, versatile, highly reconfigurable, and have a philosophical underpinning…


…even their instruction manual is well thought out…


We’re going to contact Indie and see if there are any show-rooms where we can see their shelves in person, and maybe mention about that top piece idea…We’ll report back soon.

What do you think?

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One Response to more clipped-together shelving: indie shelving’s clamps + manifesto

  1. Dr. Samuel P. Marchbanks, LLD 05.18.2010 at 10:26am #

    From the illustration it looks like there is a squared-off top piece. You just take one of the regular pieces and turn it upside down!

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