hiding furniture with fabric

Sometimes there’s no way around keeping a piece of furniture in your place that you’re not crazy about; you either need it (like a file cabinet or storage chest) or you can’t get rid of it just yet (you’re keeping it for the next place). Here’s an example of using a great fabric to hide a piece of furniture,  from the fabulous house designed by the great Mexican architect Luis Barrigan that we blogged last week. Laying fabric upon wonderful fabric on the table and folding the corners in neatly makes it look interesting and intentional, rather than like a disguise (though we don’t imagine Barrigan is disguising anything in that house.)

We think, the example from Lonny Magazine, below, works pretty well, though it transmits subtle inklings of “disguise”. We think it would have been much more complete  with another piece of fabric, or a runner (even placed front to back) draped over it, a la Barrigan.

Lonny Magazine

Something about the weight and beauty of his fabrics makes Barrigans covered table just right, so we’re going back to study the pictures of his house where he used simple fabrics in the most extraordinary way…until we get the hang of it…

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4 Responses to hiding furniture with fabric

  1. Susan 06.01.2010 at 9:38am #

    My mother did this & so do I & now I can just send people who criticize me to your link. Thanks! (& yes, I use interesting fabric pieces/remnants)…

  2. Louisa 06.01.2010 at 11:29pm #

    A friend of mine has a wonderful collection of Balinese Ikat runner, picked up on various travels. He hangs them over doors. They stay in place, don’t interfere with closing the door, and provide wonderful, subtle decoration in a place where you wouldn’t ordinarily hang something.

  3. Sally 06.07.2010 at 1:03am #

    Really nice idea. Here are some examples for those who don’t know about it…http://www.exbali.com/bali_fabric/ikat_cloth_I.htm

  4. utux 06.17.2014 at 12:27am #

    brilliant idea, very beautiful and presentable to the eye (y)

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