sidewalk wisdom: yes we can (dance…anywhere)

Russel S. Lewis

From the always-illuminating Peace, Love and Noticing the Details:

–“Okay, you can’t just break out into dance on the sidewalk.”

–“Yes, I can.”

….Sidewalk voices, one woman to another…

3 Responses to sidewalk wisdom: yes we can (dance…anywhere)

  1. The Mom 06.16.2010 at 11:02pm #

    The fourth picture –we want to know who she is.

    She looks like the actress she played the restaurant keeper in “An American in Paris” who danced with Gene Kelly –oh what a “perfect breaking into dancing” scene… the waltz in particular.

    Thanks for the dance break!

  2. Sally 06.19.2010 at 9:10am #

    I found this amazing picture on an old prodigy file of a John Mariani story about Capri. It is uncredited, but has a caption that reads “New Year’s Eve at Marconi’s on Mulberry Street, NYC.

  3. sharon bradley 12.01.2011 at 4:26pm #

    I love it.

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