midnight snack: homemade peanut butter cups

Tara Mann

After 10 pm, I am driven by a sweet-tooth so fierce, I never keep actual sweets like ice cream or cookies on hand; I’m afraid of what would happen. Then I find myself foraging through the cupboard, looking for something that will satisfy my craving. When I stumbled on the milk chocolate disks I usually use for dessert-making, I had a vision: peanut butter cups…chunky organic peanut butter sandwiched between really good chocolate…instant and brilliant to my mind.

I tried out the idea with both Valhrona chocolate and Guittard (which has a more overtly peanut-butter-cup shape) in a side-by-side tasting to discover how much better Valhrona really is: more deeply flavored, creamier, stunningly good. Then I swapped out the peanut butter for some Hazelnut Praline I had in the fridge and found myself savoring the taste of gianduja – chocolate with roasted hazelnut – that made me think of a wild truffle-hunting trip to Piemonte, Italy, where they love the stuff. I’d once hauled back kilos of gianduiotti, the little foil-wrapped candy shaped like an upturned boat, from Turin, and parceled them out until they were, finally, gone…

Tara Mann

This improvised two-ingredient midnight snack will deeply feed a crazy hunger.

(The picture is the recipe…)

Valhrona milk chocolate “feves” are available at Whole Foods Markets, or by mail-order here.

5 Responses to midnight snack: homemade peanut butter cups

  1. pippin 07.22.2010 at 10:00am #

    I’m AFRAID of what would happen if these ingredients were in my cabinet!
    thanks for waking up my sweet tooth so early (sigh!)

  2. Sarah 07.22.2010 at 10:38am #

    Haha I’m the same way…no prepared desserts around so when a strong craving hits, I have to improvise. Usually involves honey and peanut butter as a start.

  3. jody lotito-levine 07.22.2010 at 10:43am #

    oh my gosh i’ve been there!!!…peanut butter and really good chocolate are staples here…have added a slice of banana…toasted nuts and heavy cream are also two of my mix-ins!

  4. Paula 12.22.2010 at 12:01pm #

    College dorm version: Large spoonful of peanut butter, studded with Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  5. Sally 12.22.2010 at 2:45pm #

    I LOVE it: totally to the point. Thanks for that swell little revelation.

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