cool round kitchen tools: knife holder + dish drainer

Todd Selby/The Selby

We were scrolling through The Selby when we spotted these round magnet knife holders in a house in Connecticut. They are a nice sculptural change from the usual foot-long-or-so bar knife holder – the knives look like they’re floating. We hunted them down online here

And then almost immediately we came across this re-thinking of a dish drainer by Paulina Deltour for Alessi: another round tool that has traditionally been a rectangle.

We would love to try these rectangle-turned-round tools and see if their design works as well as they look (too often not the case). Then we’d take the idea and see if we can figure something out ourselves…cheaper and as good. We’re already on the trail of magnet sites to test out some magnets for their “Pull force“…(We will write a post if we come up with something good.)

We DO believe in a kind of magnetism of ideas…that thinking about something often seems to draw it to us…

via The Selby and DesignBoom

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