canal house cooking Vol. 4 for summer’s bumper crop

Christopher Hirscheimer + Melissa Hamilton

A bumper crop of summer vegetables, fruits and herbs might well take us into early October this year, and there is no more inspiring guide for enjoying it than Canal House Cooking Volume N°4. The indie cookbook series’ beautiful hardcover ‘Farm Markets & Gardens’ issue delves deeply into tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, the grill and cocktails, to name a few. The evocative writing, photographs and drawings are so charming, the book will work find for armchair cooks as well. The recipes tend to be unfussy, to-the-point, and delicious, like Tomatoes Take a Warm Oil Bath, which has the look of a children’s story about it.

Christopher Hirscheimer + Melissa Hamilton

We love the two-page guide of simple notations of things to do with summer vegetables:

“Scallions – grilled with Romesco Sauce (page 121)…sauteed in butter with lemon and lots of chopped parsley, served as is or piled on toast and topped with a poached egg or spooned on grilled or poached fish…”

You can buy a single volume or sign up foe several. Canal House Cooking’s seasonal books make wonderful house gifts. You can look inside here.

We are smitten.

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