turf dancing in the rain (we’ll be back next week)

Lately, we’ve been reading posts on some of our favorite blogs saying, in various ways, “we’re TIRED, burned out, so need to disappear for a while.”  2 or 3 Things I Know really nailed it:

working in the creative
field can be so demanding
for design is quite personal
…an extension of yourself.

for me,
it’s hard to separate
work from life

the blurring of
the lines is beautiful
but sometimes it can
be quite taxing

you never know
when to stop.

step away.



That would be us. So we’re heading out of town for a week or so to rest and fill ourselves up again.

We thought we’d leave you with this beauty of a video: cooled out, fluid, dancing… improvising… in the rain. (We recommend turning the dubbed-over sound off to really SEE it…closer to how it might be if you were hanging out just down the street…)

via BoingBoing

2 Responses to turf dancing in the rain (we’ll be back next week)

  1. Elizabeth 08.16.2010 at 3:43am #

    The world is, indeed, a strange and wonderful place. Thank you for helping to make it so!

  2. Karen 08.16.2010 at 8:39pm #

    That video was so great! Thanks for posting it. Kind of restores my faith in humanity, and the ability of humans to just have fun!

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