how to haul stuff on a bike shanghai-style

Alain Delorme

While in Shanghai a year or so ago, photographer Alain Delorme became fascinated by the extraordinary loads carried by migrants on their bicycles and other rigged vehicles: “piles of stacked ‘made in china’ products which form unusual sculptures…loads of tires, water containers, office chairs, flowers…”

The images are amazing, though we find the title Manufactured Totems and accompanying text a bit overwrought…

For us, these are images of crazy everyday ingenuity…(plus balance, innate and strange gifts for architecture and engineering, gumption and bungee cords)…

Alain Delorme

Alain Delorme

Alain Delorme

Alain Delorme

…check out the guy with the ladder…

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  1. Elizabeth 09.10.2010 at 1:21am #

    I feel like that guy with tires sometimes, although I’ve never actually done that!

    Terrific post!

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