the perfect cocktail party opening line

Robert Frank

Cocktail parties in a room full of strangers make us nervous. What should we say? After all these years, and with a million ideas in our heads, we’re still not good at breaking the ice. Then a complete stranger at a party inadvertently taught us how…
“What are you grooving on right now?” he asked…slightly awkward wording but we got the idea. We had a lot to say…and have since heard other variations of this great, opening line…
“What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen lately?” (from Snarkmarket)…and…
“What’s the coolest thing happening in the world right now?”

One Response to the perfect cocktail party opening line

  1. pippin 09.16.2010 at 1:28pm #

    This question intersects with the opening question of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method:

    What is on your mind right now?

    Pretty tame, right? The follow up question is the kicker:

    Do you need to do anything about that?

    The assumption is that if something is on my mind, then I am unsettled about what to do or more thought needs to be focused on that area. I see this as an engine of creativity. Problem/Need -> deep thought -> creative ideas -> experiment -> possible solution(s)
    (as we saw yesterday, not all experiments result in success.)

    What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen lately? Sunflowers used for more than their seeds. You can eat their tender sprouts, or harvest the seed heads early and use like artichokes.
    That sounds intriguing. Are you thinking about doing anything about that? what…

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