vintage blueprints as wallpaper

Jo Henderson (photo), Emma Thomas (stylist)

When I was a kid, the foyer of my family’s GreenwichVillage house was papered with blueprints of the building, the inspiration of our friend David Barrett, an interior designer, who always had amazing ideas. In those days, house plans were really blue, with white type and design, and came in big glossy folded sheets or rolls. They could be applied to the wall just like wallpaper.

This picture posted on Desire To Inspire reminded me how beautiful vintage blueprints can be used as wall coverings. When I poked around Ebay, I discovered that all sorts of vintage blueprints are available, including ones for railroad bridges and boats, even Yankee Stadium.  Use the search term “blueprints” or “vintage blueprints.”Here’s a an Ebay store that sells reproduction “developed” blueprints of planes and engines…Each listing has an interesting tirade on the lost art of blueprinting…

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  1. sibi 12.08.2011 at 6:41am #


  2. Kathryn 04.30.2014 at 4:26pm #

    Hi, we love the blueprint wall paper shown in your article ‘Vintage blueprints as wall paper’. Can you tell us where we can get similar wall paper/wall murals? Thanks.

  3. Kathryn 04.30.2014 at 4:29pm #

    I forgot to mention above, I’m in the UK…..

  4. Sally 04.30.2014 at 4:31pm #

    I’ve found actually BLUEprints on Ebay. Just type in “blueprints”. Murals Your Way also sells blueprint murals designed to put on walls.(I haven’t checked them out in person). Or just google “blueprint wall murals” or “blueprints”…

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