what a painted slab of plywood can do (d-i-y)

In 2009, artist Lee Walton exhibited his “destination specific” sculptures: brightly colored, asymetrically-shaped slabs of plywood, dated, with directions for being taken taken out of the gallery and “displayed elsewhere”.  He drove one to a field and leaned it against a tree stump. From a distance: a winter field with a surprising blast of red.

We love the idea of placing a vividly-painted geometric shape…around… as a bit of pleasant subversion, say,on the terrace of an apartment building that would be randomly sighted by strangers…in a park…

…on a roof…fields are ideal…

It would be easy enough to do: have a piece of plywood cut at the local lumber store, or use a scrap (it should be a size and shape you can carry easily), paint it a hot color, then…put it somewhere to enjoy.

via Rolu

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