stefan sagemeister on ‘serious failure’ and training the mind

Last March, we wrote about legendary graphic designer Stefan Sagemeister, who shutters his design studio every seven years to take a sabbatical, and explore new ideas. He recently spoke at Levi’s traveling print and design workshop; this video is a recap. The audio is not great but some terrific chunks come through. Here are some we love:

When asked what he thought all design students should experience once in their lives, he answered:

“Serious failure. I think you should experience going so way outside your comfort zone that serious failure is a possibility.”

…”The fact is it’s unbelievably difficult for me to explore new things…”

…”You can train your mind in the same way you can train your body.”

S-o-o,  Can we/you train our minds to venture beyond our comfort zones, despite our fears and notions?

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