d-i-y shipping pallet wine rack + flat storage

Last week’s Remodelista post about the shipping pallet shelving Olabisi Winery’s devised for their tasting room opened our eyes to an essential quality of shipping pallets we had overlooked: stacked, they make instant flat storage. Pallets are only about 5 inches high, with a natural space for bottles (wine, soda, olive oil – anything) or flat items like papers and artwork. All you have to do is stack the pallets. At Olabisi, they use jelly roll pans as drawers. (You could apply this idea to the desks we showed a few weeks back.) At Uline, you can find pallets in different dimensions from 24 x 24 on up. We envision painting new pallets for a more graphic look, say, really dark gray…

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  1. Jennifer Howard 12.19.2012 at 9:56pm #

    This is beautiful, functional and affordable. Love the rustic look and feel of this.

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