‘life edited’ challenge: ‘less but better’

Life Edited is a movement to reduce our environmental impact by simplifying our lives at home. In this short video, Treehugger founder Graham Hill sums up its challenge to rethink how you live, to reduce your footprint, to live better and save money and resources.  He asks

“What if I lived in a couple of hundred square feet less?  This is an equation I really wanted to explore, so I started a site, LifeEdited.org“.

The site is a place for him to try out the ideas he’s been thinking about for years… and for you to submit yours (for various prizes)… “Ruthless editing of your stuff, transforming furniture, space-saving housewares, digitizing your life and sharing systems.”

Life Edited’s mandate: “Less but better…”

Right up our alley! We’re going to keep an idea on this one.

via Core 77

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