playing things by ear…

We recently got the news that a dear friend is seriously ill, and with it this message: sometimes you need to put your plans and schedules aside to show up elsewhere, and rise to challenges that may break your heart.

So rather than worrying about posts and internet connections, we are going to just be with our pal, maybe cook something, take things as they come…

…not knowing how the blog might figure in,  we’re leaving you with a wonderful guest post by Tim Slavin on wabi-sabi, a Japanese approach to life that echoes what ‘the improvised life’ is about. Tim has compiled a terrific archive of past posts to delve into, for getting the feeling for how wabi-sabi reverates in our modern times. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

3 Responses to playing things by ear…

  1. ellen rocco 11.08.2010 at 8:15am #


    Good luck to your friend. He/she is lucky to have you – and we, all of us who read this blog – are lucky to have you too.

    Wabi-sabi is a wonderful post, a great reminder.

  2. Pamela 11.08.2010 at 9:24am #

    Go “elsewhere” Sally, as good friends do, but hopefully your heart will not break there. Safe travels to you and healing thoughts to your friend.

  3. jody 11.08.2010 at 1:48pm #

    I’m reminded of the poem and book by Oriah Mountain Dreamer – “The Invitation”

    We’re all going along with you…in gratitude and love.

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