we’re back (breaking our own patterns)

Deborah Kass

Thank you for bearing with’the improvised life’ going “dark” for a bit. We appreciated the very warm words and wishes we received and took them with us, heartened. We’re back, changed by having spent time with someone whose long life is winding down; we find ourselves viewing things through a different lens. Instead of jumping back into work and obligations with a vengeance as we normally do, we did the opposite and went to lunch with a friend, and then walked in the beautiful chilly day to see the Houdini show at the Jewish Museum, wondering what would happen if we didn’t do things in the usual way?

The Houdini show, full of Houdiniana and interesting Houdini-inspired artworks like Matthew Barney’s Ehrich Weiss Suite, sent us poking around the Jewish Museum’s website. That led to our discovery of Deborah Kass‘ work, whose paintings from a series called Feel Good Paintings for Feel Bad Times seem right on point…

Deborah Kass

Deborah Kass

…one thing still leading to another…

2 Responses to we’re back (breaking our own patterns)

  1. Elizabeth 11.10.2010 at 12:46am #

    Oh, I love these! Amazing stuff you find — I’m so happy you’re “back.”

  2. dana joy 11.10.2010 at 8:57am #

    I respect and honor your time out but also selfishly love what you bring to my world every day, so I’m very glad you’re back.

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