at last, the right size sticky note (to buy or d-i-y)

We have a bad habit of scribbling notes on on 2-inch Post-Its, only to find ourselves in a sea of them: bits and pieces of information everywhere. The classic sizes of stickies that 3M offers don’t entirely work for us; we need repositionable notes that accommodate writing out a series of ideas. We love these oblong adhesive notes from the Poketo shop: big Desk-It notes can sit under your wrists as you type at your keyboard or you can stick them on the monitor.

So of course we’re thinking: rather than pay $8+ for a pad of sixty 11.8- x-2.7-inch-sheets, why not just cut ordinary 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets of paper  into 2 3/4-inch rectangles (or whatever size we like)?Then run a restickable glue stick along an edge of each to make custom-sized repositionable notes.

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  1. Pamela 11.29.2010 at 9:36am #

    Here’s another thought…. I have a mousepad that is made from a bound tablet of approx. 50 pieces of paper. It mulitasks as a mousepad and as a surface to write down notes. When the top “page” is full, you simply tear it off to reveal a fresh one.

  2. Sally 11.29.2010 at 10:20am #

    Pamela, what a great idea! Thank you. And if you want to display the page of notes, THEN you could use the restickable glue…

  3. Sally 11.29.2010 at 2:56pm #

    Cara de Silva emailed us with her simultaneous searches for writer-sized stickies:

    “I thought of exactly this last week after a long search for large post its, letter size if possible. They do exist (sort of) some even easel sized, but were absurdly expensive.

    Finally, I saw some that were for children to draw on and more economical than the rest. We will see what they turn out to be.

    However, I also ordered exactly this glue so I could make my own.”

    We’ve always marveled at how ideas spring up simultaneously in several/many places at once.

    Thanks Cara!

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