remodelista’s newsstand (we’re in it)

Want a place to read Design/Interiors/Home/D-I-Y blogs all in one place? Check out Remodelista’s Design Newsstand, which brings their great, curated selection of blogs together, organized by general categories, like Fabulous Femmes, Hipster & Minimalist, Exotica, Design Magazines Online…

Like a great newsstand, it invites browsing (it’s in beta, and is a bit wonky on Safari still)…

We’re pleased to be included in Renovators & DIYers, though we were thinking the category a little limited and concrete for what we do. Maybe not though…we ARE about renovating, inside (our heads) and out…

Thanks Remodelista!

2 Responses to remodelista’s newsstand (we’re in it)

  1. yhbhs 11.29.2010 at 11:31pm #

    well deserved, and happy that more people will be discovering your fantastic site!

    david john

  2. Sally 11.30.2010 at 8:59am #

    THANK YOU!. That is so nice of you to write. Congratulations to you, too! I love your site and check it daily.

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